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Entries from April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010


Mommy like

Holy crap! I want this bag. BAD.
That is all.


Knotted Satchel via Anthropologie


When the fiance's away, I will...decorate

Its Thursday, which means Geoff comes home tonight! Finally! I always hate it when he travels, but I always get a lot done when he's gone. Besides the Wedding Welcome Sign I posted yesterday, I have also been working on a cute little vignette for the dresser in our bedroom. The dresser had basically become a drop zone for all things: keys, change, receipts...basically just a bunch of crap that I got tired of looking at. So I got to thinking, if we had some actual decor up there, maybe we would be less inclined to make it messy. We'll see if it works! Check out the pics of my effort below- I tried to use things we already have around the house: my cute owl vase from Antique Alley, a stack of old books, some greenery I've had in my craft room for a while, one of our engagement photos, and a framed page from a Buddhist calendar. I'm so happy with how it came out. Have a lovely day all!



DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Good morning! Its Wednesday- yay! Only one more day till Geoff comes home from his business trip. I hate it when he leaves, but in one way its good because I get soooooo much stuff done. When he's home, I'd rather be hanging out with him than doing chores! So I cleaned the house from top to bottom and got some wedding stuff done. I am super excited about the Wedding Welcome Sign I finished last night! I took the antique frame we used in our engagement photos (see below) and repurposed it. I wanted a cute sign to hang on the white picket fence outside our wedding venue to welcome guests as they arrive (and let them know they are in the right spot.) Scroll down to see the step-by-step directions and the final product! Adorable!
Have a lovely Wednesday all!



The frame in its original state in our engagement photos.

I bought a piece of plywood and the nice men at Home Depot
cut it to the right size to fit my frame.

I spray painted the plywood black (for a chalkboard effect)
and painted the frame a bright green to match one of our
wedding colors.

Instead of trying to paint such an intricate design, I had a vinyl
decal made at Fast Signs which I applied to the black plywood.

After applying the vinyl, I used Liquid Nails to glue the plywood
to the frame (because the frame was much too delicate to use nails.
I then weighted it down and let it dry for 24 hours.

And voila! Here's the final product- I love how it turned out!


Crazy Cat Lady

Yep- I am one. I'm loving Zara's cute kitty-printed dress. It's a little more subtle than the ladies that wear puff-painted cat sweatshirts, right? Right. And to really drive home the crazy cat lady point, here are some pics of my baby Ellie Mae. Happy Monday all!



Fashion Fix Friday

Its Friday!!! Yay! I can't wait to spend this weekend with my honey going to the movies and
a friends wedding (and sneaking in some crafting, baking & wedding planning.)
I love Fridays- the promise of a whole relaxing productive weekend stretches ahead!

Ok, enough waxing poetic, on to the fashion goodies. I was checking my fave blogs last night and stopped by Love Maegan... I adore this blog! Maegan is so cute, always has the best outfit ideas and DIY fashion tips, and has AWESOME hair how-to videos. Seriously. Check her out here- she's a daily read for me.

So, yesterday for Earth Day, she featured these amazingly gorgeous pieces from Mika Organic. I literally gasped when I saw them. How original & beautiful. The cuts of the garments are so simple and clean. And yet, I have never seen anything like them. Not only are they beautiful, the line is earth friendly: made from organic and sustainably made materials and plant dyed. How divine! Thank you Maegan for the heads up! And visit Mika Organic to see the full drool-worthy collection.

Have a great weekend!


I am dying for the butterfly top and the bird's nest dress!
All images from Mika Organic