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Entries from May 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011


3 Drowned Rats & A Skinny Girl


Ok, first of all, I cannot take credit for the title of this post. My cutie-pie friend Lindsey came up with it to describe the ridiculousness we endured to meet the adorable Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives and Skinnygirl Fame. She was is Dallas this past Friday to promote her Skinnygirl Margaritas. Our awesome boss let us sneak out of work early, even though he had no clue who we were going to see. Flash forward to about 500 girls (and a few guys) huddled under umbrellas in a downpour outside a liquor store. Classy, no? Yeah, we waited in the pouring rain for 2 hours, and only got to see Bethenny for about 10.3 seconds, but she was cute as a button (and waaaaaay tinier in person) and we totally had some girl bonding time. Love you Katherine and Lindsey! Oh, and Bethenny.


Oh, and could I look more excited in this picture? Like a scary stalker. Take it down a notch, Lauren...


Dear Husband...

Husband is a snappy dresser, no?


Dear Husband...

Its amazing how a going bachelorette party (and missing you for a whole weekend) can make your wife appreciate you even more. So so glad I married such an amazing man (and not some oogy creep who hangs around Burbon Street. But thats another story...)

10 reasons you're the bee's knees:

1. You sing me ridiculous morning wakeup songs. Such a peaceful way to wake up. ;)
2. You always laugh at my stupid jokes. And your jokes are just as stupid.
    Glad we can be totally ridiulous together.
3. You are totally metro-and I love that.
    Um, hair products and Nordstrom rack anyone?...
4. That you like to eat snacks and candy in even numbers. 3 M&M's? I don't think so. 
5. You are so cooperative to take my OOTD pics.
    Even when I yell at you for taking 38 pictures of the dog and only 2 of me...
6. Date night with you is my absolute favorite time of the week.
    Just you, me, giggling, and lots of nom nom nom.
7. You make me feel safe. And happy.
8. I'm pretty sure you are the most handsome man I've ever seen. With the best hair.
    And the cutest bum. (Sorry mom and Karen...)
9. Love saying our nightime prayers on the Island. 
    (thats what we call our huge bed-for those who don't know.)
10. I love that you call Cal the attorney. And that you give EVERYONE nicknames.
     Its seriously the cutest. 

Thanks for motivating me to be my best everyday.
Can't wait to start Krav Maga so we can spar in the backyard.



Off to the Big Easy


Happy Friday! I am so dang excited- I'm headed to New Orleans today for my bestie Rebekah's bachelorette party! I've never been, and I can't wait to soak up some gorgeous scenery, relaxing pool time, fantastic shopping, loads of yummy (and fattening) food, and (of course) a few adult beverages. I'll have my trusty Rebel with me, so stay tuned for photo-palooza when I return.

Have a lovely weekend all!


Closet Organization Extravaganza!

Sounds fancy right? Well good. Because it totally is. Another one of my goals for my
30 before 30 project was to get our closet super duper organized. I spent last weekend running to Ikea about a billion times (shoe shelves? check. scarf organizer? check. awesome baskets? double check.), throwing everything out of the closet and making husband try on (and get rid of) lots of stuff. I was basically a tornado. So, here are the before pics (almost too embarrassing to post) and the afters (organized oasis for fashion) as well as some helpful organizing tips. This has already made our lives so much simpler in the mornings. And I adore walking into our peaceful closet everyday.

Closet Organization Tips:

1. Bookshelves (we used the Ikea Billy Bookcase + the Height Extension Unit 
   + 3 extra shelves) can be modified to make great inexpensive shoe shelves- 
   just add extra shelves for more space. 
   Now we can see all our shoes!

2. Pretty baskets (Ikea Pjas) keep sweaters, bags, scarves and hats easily
    within reach, but look more orderly than just stacking everything on shelves.
    Plus, we don't have towers of folded sweaters constantly toppling over.

3. Add a rug to dress up your closet. This one is a vintage one of my grandmother's.
    It should be as beautiful, cozy & inviting as any other room.

4. Hooks keep all your necklaces and small handbags in plain site, and keep
    them from becoming a tangled mess.

5. I used a basket to hold all my flip flops so they don't get scattered all over
    the closet floor and so they don't take up valuable space on our lovely shoe shelves.

6. Matching hangers keep everything at the same height and look cleaner than a
    jumble of different ones. (I am going to invest in huggable ones, just haven't
    gotten around to it yet...) 

7. Keep boots upright and in good condition by rolling an old magazine and putting
    it in the boot shaft. Works like a charm. 

I would love to hear any good organizing tips or tricks you have. And please share your closets!



Word to my Mother

Growing up, I was always late everywhere. And although I'm a lot more punctual now, I still have my moments of serious tardiness. Take this Mother's Day post for example. Embarrasingly late. But isn't that the good thing about mothers? They always think what you do is precious- even when its way overdue.

On that note, Happy Belated Mother's day to my best friend. You are beautiful, funny, smart, sassy and endlessly kind. I don't know what I did to deserve to get you in the mom lottery, but I am grateful for you everyday. You are a blessing to everyone's life that you touch and I am so very proud that you are my mom. I love you, love you, love you.


P.S. And, if getting the world's most amazing woman for a mother wasn't enough, my mother-in-law is completely wonderful! I truly could not have asked for a better second mom. I love you Karen!!