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Entries from January 1, 2009 - January 31, 2009


Orla, and Anthro, and crafting, OH MY!

Ok, so you might have already heard this (via every design blog in the world) but I wanna share in the joy, so I will tell you too...Orla Kiely is coming to Target! YAY! Thank you to SFGirlByBay for sharing the good news and giving us a little sneak peak at her goodies. The line will include mugs, tumblers, aprons, plates, cushions, and more. Check it out in stores February. I'll race you...

Orla Kiely for Target

A little bird (thank you sweet Ellen, via Decor8) told me that (gasp) Anthropologie will be offering craft classes soon. I'm a little unclear on the details, but what I can gather is that they are called "Reinvention" classes and apparently are in the very early stages of development. Hopefully we will know more soon...All I have to say is SIGN ME UP!


Oh the possibilities!!

Um, this is awesome. Rock-your-face-off Awesome.

Hanna over at Hanna's Life is Cool (cute) shared this super duper tutorial.

Hanna says:
"Printing on Fabric with your Computer - Part 1 So I'm doing some printing this week as Craft Fair prep. A lot of people have asked me about the fabric printing so here's a step by step as to how I do it. There are directions on the bottle, but I didn't find them to be specific enough and did some research after my first failed project. "
for the entire tutorial visit her site here...
Also, some of her pics are below.

How cute is this to personalize bedding, linens, quilting projects...the possibilities are endless!
Thank you Hanna!


Happy & New

Happy New Year All! I really can't believe that its 2009 already. Insane. So, as people tend to do when ringing in the new year, I am reassessing what I want to accomplish this year. Sounds an awful lot like making resolutions, right? Well, sort of. I really think its only natural to start a new year with big ideas and goals. But I want to go beyond making silly resolutions that I won't keep. I really want to refocus and re-energize my life. Thus, the life list. I came upon an article on Whole Living.com about creating a life list and loved it. What a great idea! I so agree with the power of positive thinking and power of writing down goals to achieve. So here is what I have so far, which is more like a to do for this year. Try making your own and get inspired at the following websites:


Here's to the best year yet!

My list:
1. Slow down, stop stressing out, & enjoy the little things.
2. Don't take myself so seriously.
3. Join a  yoga and pilates studio (maybe even learn to teach!)
4. Eat better & cook more.
5. Take time out to paint & craft.
6. Take steps toward my lifelong dream of owning my own shop.
7. Be a better girlfriend, friend, daughter, designer & person!
8. Create & stick to a budget.
9. More quality time with Geoff.
10. Travel somewhere amazing!
11. Spend more spiritual time in prayer and meditation.