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Entries from April 1, 2011 - April 30, 2011


When you don't have a thing to wear...

Button Down: H&M  |  Black Skinny Pants: Gap  |  Pearls: ?  |  Belt: Banana Republic  |  Leopard Flats: Target

Happy week after Easter! I hope everyone had had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Yeah, so you noticed I didn't do an Easter post? Or a Dear Husband last Friday?... Um...yeah...

I was in bed all weekend with the stomach flu. Ugh. There went my long weekend plans. I had hoped to spend some time on a patio, see a movie, do some blogging and maybe sneak in some shopping but it was not to be. Instead, I hung around in my PJ's for 3 days, consuming more gatorade and chicken noodle soup than I care to think about. But I'm finally back in the land of the living! Hooray!

Enough with the illness chit chat and on to another very important matter, my closet. Or your closet. Ok, closets in general. Nothing makes me madder than going into my well-stocked closet and coming out whining "I have nooooooooothing to weeeaaaarrrrr!" (Insert husband eyeroll. Then husband will venture into said closet and try to pick something out for me. Which is both completely adorable and hilarious.) We've all been there. No matter how many adorable pieces we have, we all have those "I have nothing to wear and I hate everything I own" days. What's a girl to do?

This is where my inspiration file comes in handy. I have kept clips of outfit ideas that I love for a long time. They used to be printed and put into a binder for easy reference (so dorky.) But now, thanks to the interwebs, I keep them on Pinterest (check out my Style Inspiration Board here).

Where do I find these ideas? I'm glad you asked. Fave spots are, of course, blogs (esp: Kendi, Chloe & Bee's.) I also keep every Anthropologie Catalog I've ever received (can you say "obsessed?") and clip from J crew Catalogs as well. Luckily, most catalogs are online now, so you can pin directly from the site.

And, my new fave spot to steal borrow ideas from is J's Everyday Fashion. Cutie pie J takes inspiration from all over (celebs, catalogs) and then shows you her version side by side with the original. Such a great way to see how to adapt a look you love with things you already own. Check out J's blog here and my version of a side-by-side with a favorite J Crew look (above.) Neato.



Pinterest DIY Love

Homemade Delicious Sugar Scrub  |  Pallet Coffee Table  |  Tiny Polaroid Magnets  
 DIY Beanbag Poof  |  Twine Globes

Happy Sunday lovelies! How is everyone's weekend? Ours was so nice and relaxing! Friday night we met one of our favorite couples Kacie & John for deep dish pizza and cocktails. They are so fun! Then Saturday, I ran a bazillion errands, and one of my BFF's Kendra (who is a buyer for an AWESOME clothing store, so therefore is ALWAYS perfectly dressed) came over and we made agave margaritas, grilled fish tacos, Mexican Street Corn (recipe from La Condessa in Austin- Holy Deliciousness) and key lime pie for dessert. And then we watched The Hangover in our PJ's. Such a perfect, yummy night.

And today, I made Protein pancakes for breakfast and have been lounging in my jammers and getting some work (and blogging) done. Oh and I napped. Cause a 2 hour nap on a Sunday is one of my very favorite things ever. ever.

Ok, lets get down to business. Raise your hand if you are obsessed with Pinterest.
Ok, I see a few hands...
For those with hands in their laps, you have to check this out. I've talked about Wists, Fffound & Polyvore before, but Pinterest is a new concept in saving the things you love from around the web. Find an image that you must keep? Something that inspires you? A new craft or tutorial that you just can't forget about? The new haircut you want to show your stylist? Yep-just Pin it. And the other best part is that you can check out what everyone else is pinning-and follow them. Its such an amazing one-stop-shop for inspiration. So sign up and get pinning. (FYI: you have to get an "invitation," but just sign up and they'll approve you in the next day or so.)

These pics above are from my "DIY" Pinterest board. Its where I keep all the stuff I am dying to make-these are my fave 5. Now if I had a free afternoon...

Check out all my Pinterest boards here!




One Pretty Thing: Birthday Wish Edition


Its not too early to start my 30th Birthday wish list right? Yeah, I didn't think so.
August will be here before I know it!


More info..you know, just in case...
West Avenue Jewelry Large Monogram Necklace, Gold Fill,
please enter initials in the exact order that you want them to appear (LKP)


Sorbet Summer


Sorbet Summer

click on the images for more info


Its already heating up thankyouJesus. So psyched for long summer days, farmer's market veggies, margaritas on a good patio and lots of fun trips with the hubs. And I am totally obsessed with sorbet colors for all my summer weekend wear. Can't wait to throw on that yummy lemon striped t-shirt, boyfriend shorts, natural sandals and top it all off with a cute fedora. Perfect Summer Uniform.

Also, if you don't have the new album by The Civil Wars or Adele's new "21",
They will be in my Jeep with the windows down alllllllll summer long...
That is all.



No, I'm not dead. Yes, I have been getting dressed.

Organza Sleeve T shirt: Splendid  |  Knit Vest: Target  |  Belt: Anthro  |  Linene Skirt: LOFT  
 Boots: J Crew  |  Horseshoe Necklace: Vintage  |  Key Necklace: Gift from hubs

Green Jacket: Boutique in Austin  |  Cotton Miltary T: Anthro  |  Black Skirt: Land's End Canvas
 Watch: Fossil  |  Boots: Steve Madden (Bribe from Husband)  |  Necklace: Gift from BFF Suz

I think the post title says it all. You might have thought I had fallen off a cliff or something right? Nope. Just a busy bee. So busy in fact, that I had a small meltdown at work this morning. That's always fun. Now all the people at my new job think the new girl is mentally unstable. Lovely.

Hey, it happens to the best of us right? Sometimes you just have to hide in the work bathroom and boo-hoo it up. Then head back to your desk and try to pretend you're not a lunatic. Good times.

So, here are some things I wore last week. At least I'll look cute when I'm being involuntarily committed...