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Entries from April 1, 2009 - April 30, 2009


Ruby Slipper (Chair)

The more I search for fab finds for our new home, the more I seem to run across beautiful design that really is accessible to all. I truly believe that everyone, no matter what their budget, deserves great design! Case in point is Target, one of my all time faves. Check out these lovely slipper chairs in loads of great prints. These are high design, at economy friendly prices (all under $300.)

Now, which one do I need for my living room? I'm thinking red...

All chairs available at Target.com


Puppies, Pillows, & Stuff to Stitch

I have finally settled into my little role as "housewife" here in my new home. Its been a little odd not getting up to go to a "real" job everyday, but I am learning to relax and enjoy! I have time now (and a willing taste tester- thanks Geoff) to try all the Rachael Ray recipes I've had marked in her cookbook forever... so far, she has yet to steer us wrong! And I love having time to clean and decorate! And there really is something so satisfyingly simple about spending a Sunday outside with your honey working in the yard. So, in the interest of embracing homey-goodness, here are a few projects and books I want to delve into. I will, of course, share pics when I've completed something. Happy Sunday!

Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross (available here.)
I've decided to finally tackle all those fun sewing projects I've been dying to try.
Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes (available here.)



I just ordered my new MacBook and I am sooooo excited! Can't wait to get it on Wednesday! SUPER YAY! (and its about time- I've had my iBook for almost 7 years!)


Work It!

One of my fave things about the new house is having room for an office. Granted, it will mostly be Geoff's space because he has allowed me to decorate the whole rest of the house with only a few restrictions (like no animal print-so sad.) So, As I begin to try to tackle this space, of course I head to the web for inspiration. And behold! Inspiration found! Thank you to Cassandra at coco+kelley for sharing so many wonderful office decor ideas. Here are a few from her flickr stream. Now off to find the perfect vintage desk...

PS-G, I know these are girly, I promise not to make the man cave too "pretty!"


Nesting: Part #1 of many...

I love visiting Nicole over at her sweet blog, Making it Lovely. She always has such wonderful posts with decorating inspiration boards (called her "Making it Yours" series), and so I decided to borrow her brilliant idea to help me organize the decorating and nesting in our new little home. 

So...without further ado...The Living Room! Ta-da!
Ok, so it probably won't turn out exactly like this, but the idea is a good place to start.
And I really can't wait to make the "G" & "L" initial pillows-adorable!

Now on to the other rooms...