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Entries from September 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010


Here comes the Bride...

And there goes the blogger. I'm sorry for basically faling off the face of the earth the last few weeks- we are only one week away from the wedding and I totally have Bride-Brain. So as not to completely stress myself out this week, I am taking a little blog vacation. I will be back after the wedding and honeymoon to share lots of photos of the big day, details and wedding project how-to's, plus other regular bloggy stuff. I so appreciate your patience and sweet words. Next time we meet, I will be a Mrs!!



Sarah Bareilles: Kaleidoscope Heart

Sarah Bareilles' New Album, Kaleidoscope Heart is just out and I am smitten.
This is no sophomore slump- I can't wait to wear it out in my car.
Can't stop singing "Uncharted" and "King of Anything"...
Happy Wednesday Pretties!


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen 

With the wedding projects winding down (only 3 weeks away!) I have to say, my thoughts are turning to my next big project. I think I must get this from my dad- he's not so great at sitting still and is always happiest when he has a project (or 3) in the works. What might this new little undertaking be? Well, 1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... house hunting! (Did you think I was going to say "a baby carriage?", um, not so much...) We have been looking casually, chatting about what we have to have and can live without in our new little nest. But after the wedding, we hope to actually buy in the next year or so. And I have to say, the kitchen can really make or break a potential home. I am dreaming of a warm bright kitchen, with dark woods, white walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, lots of chrome and pops of red (like my fave Big Red.) I love the look of a modern cozy vintage farmhouse (I said modern, not a bunch of roosters and hay...)
I am obsessed with these kitchens: 

Images via DecorPad

And here are some pics for my gorgeous new imaginary kitchen...Enjoy!




Happy Weekend

Its Friday, and a lazy Labor Day weekend stretches out before us! A long weekend really could not be coming at a better time- I really need an extra day to finish up the last of my wedding crafts and get some extra rest. We will also be spending time with good friends BBQ-ing and hanging out by the pool. I can't wait to whip up a key lime pie for the occasion!

I hope everyone has a lovely, long, relaxing weekend!

My Dog-Niece Roxy


Kissing Giraffes 

Happy Thursday lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Sorry for the lack of posts, the wedding is eating my lunch. I think its going to be a spotty from here until after the wedding and honeymoon are over in early October...bare with me. In the meantime, please enjoy my newest obsession. I have worn this bracelet everyday since I got it last week, and can't get enough. How cute are these little giraffes? 


Kissing Giraffes Bracelet via Forever 32