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Entries from February 1, 2011 - February 28, 2011


Dear Husband...

Off to Austin we go! I love road trips with you.
Prepare for some awesome car karaoke, delicious junk food, some adult beverages & lots of good times.
Can't wait to spend the whole weekend out of town with my bestie.



Style File: Chevron Stripe

Good morning lovelies-welcome to Wednesday. And my outfit of yesterday. Let's face it, I find it almost impossible to post my outfits on the day I actually wear them. By the time I get some pics taken (usually at the end of the day) and then get home, run with my husband, make dinner & do a little work, I am ready to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. Thank goodness I'm a morning person so I can get some blogging done.

And while we're confessing things...this skirt is actually a dress. That I folded over and belted. I saw this lovely outfit at Anthro and decided to copycat. Loving the striped maxi with a cropped military jacket.

I hope everyone is having a great first half of the week- I can't wait for Friday! The hubs and I are headed to Austin for my Sis-in-Law's birthday. Looking forward to lots of girl time, yummy food, some adult beverages & good times with family.



Dear Me: Oh, You Shouldn't Have!

Dear Self,
Today you got some really great news. You have been hired on some super exciting new freelance and consulting jobs. And you got an awesome new day job! As a reward, I bought you this stunning necklace you have been drooling over forever. Because sometimes a girl's gotta treat herself. (Don't tell husband...)



Wear this Room...Green Bean

 Wear this Room...Green Bean

(click on the image for product information)


Good Monday Morning lovelies! Did everyone have a nice weekend? We did (with the exception of my sprained foot. Is it weird to be a little proud of my first running injury? It makes me feel like a real runner!)

Anyway...on to the gorgeous green goodness. My passions for interior design and fashion often cross paths. Colors and patterns I love in an interior are usually present in my closet. And its no secret that green is my favorite color. I wear it all the time, use it in a lot of my design work, decorate with it...even our wedding's main color was a lovely grass green (Check out my yummy green wedding shoes.) I have been lusting after the newest incarnation of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bag in this lovely hue and was thrilled to find a kitchen whose cabinets were the same grassy shade. Which lead me to think...why couldn't I use this room as fashion inspiration? Thus, I give you my new little blog feature: Wear this Room. We'll see if it catches on...

I took the classic white cabinets and subway tile and translated them to a feminine blouse by J Crew. The black embroidery on the top and the black-washed wide leg denim mirror the sleek black counter top, stools & shelving. Add some pops of sherbet orange in a braided skinny belt, a boho cocktail ring and my new favorite Essie nail polish to brighten up the look (and pull in the warm shade of the pendant.) Silver ballet flats add the chrome element of the appliances and a Chan Luu wrap bracelet adds one more pop of green. The look is laid-back, classic & functional, just like my dream kitchen.

And on a final note, I am a bit obsessed with the Chan Luu wrap bracelets (but refuse to pay $200 for one.) I've bought the materials to make my own and will share the process soon in a How To. The hubs will be out of town this week for work, so its the perfect time to get crafty.

Have a Happy Monday!


Dear Husband... (Our Week in Photos)

Dear Husband...

What an awesome week!

yummy devils food Valentine cupcakes • love notes hidden all over the house for you • getting dressed up and spending a Saturday night out at our fave place • romantic Valentine's dinner of lobster ravioli • gorgeous flowers you brought home for me • sweet jewelry treat from Auntie Sue (modeled by Calvin) • Saturday morning cinnamon rolls & coffee • a great run on our new favorite trail ( & my first running injury-Boo) • our first time to jump a car together (haha!) 

All my love.

PS: Thanks for my little shopping treat!
(loving my cute new shirtdress from LOFT and the dress I'm lusting after at Anthro...)