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Happy New Year lovelies! I hope yours was safe and joyous!

We all know all the clichés that go along with New Year's resolutions. You resolve to lose weight, be cleaner, save the whales, whatever, but fall off the wagon a month in...yada yada yada...

Sometimes I complete mine, sometimes I don't, but I still LOVE making them. There's something so very refreshing and magical about starting a whole new year- so full of possibility. Its like a perfect clean slate you get to make as wonderful as possible.
So, without further ado, in 2012 I resolve to:

1. Lose 20 pounds. 

2. Run my second half marathon (March 25th) We even joined a running club!

3. Clean out my closet. Be brutal.
    Purchase classic quality pieces, not impulse crazy things...

4. Pay off debt. Be more financially responsible. 

5. Be the best wife, daughter, friend and colleague as possible.

6. Not be so damn hard on myself.

Let's do this 2012.





I'm so unbelievably thankful for all the blessings in my life: health, family, friends, my faith and my amazing husband. God is so good.

Happy thanksgiving lovelies!




Label Love: Missoni For Target

Check out the gorgeous color palettes and patterns, lovely chevrons, and mixes of prints in the Missoni for Target Collection. And that bike. Ohmygoodness.

I can't wait to see all the pieces from this long-coveted label in stores in September.



Birthday Wishes

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bedside Tables (Pretty much obsessed with these.)
Singer Esteem II Sewing Machine (Need this for lots of house projects!)
Cooking Light Dinner Tonight Cookbook (For those "What's for dinner" conundrums)
Anthropologie Gift Card (Pretty much the most perfect gift ever.)
West Ave Jewelry Classic Monogram Necklace ("LKP"- Gold Fill) (Classic keepsake.)
Capri Blue Candle in Aloha Orchid (Smells delicious.)
Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase (Gorgeous girly touch for my office.)
Boden Leather Biker in Toffee (Size 8) (The perfect Leather jacket.)

Tick, Tick, Tick...Thats the sounds of my twenties coming to a close.
So am I stressed? Freaking out? Frantically buying wrinkle cream in bulk? 
Surprisingly, not at all. (Well, I did buy some wrinkle cream...its preventative, you know.)

I am actually pleased as punch to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday.
I have a feeling my 30's are gonna be the best years yet.

(Especially if the birthday fairy brings me these treats...)



June Wish List

Happy Wednesday pretties! I have to say, its been a rough week for some of my favorite people in the whole world. I won't go in to it, but there have been the losses of some beloved pets and some health scares. Lots of praying going on in our home these days. But thats why I have a blog, by-golly. Because on this little blog of mine, I don't have to think about the hard stuff, and can pretend I live in a world full of limitless shopping budgets and calorie free ice cream. Yay for unreality sometimes. On that note, here are some pretties I am craving for June.


1. Mariah Cross Over Pump
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo in Smoke (Perfect 30th Birthday gift don't you think...) 
3. Madewell Scenic Stripe Top 
4. Anthropologie Filtered Light Tunic (Got this yesterday and I'm in love!)
5. Boden Leather Biker (This is a classic I would keep forever. Want this so bad!) 
6. ECI Chiffon Drop Waist Dress