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Wigging Out!

Happy Halloweenie my little goblins! Is everyone doing something fun for Halloween Weekend?! The hubs and I are headed to see Saw 6 3D tonight (yikes!) and then we are off to a big costume party on Saturday. I can't wait to arrive with these! And Costume Spolier alert (ok maybe not...) Geoff is going as a dirty old man & I am going to be his gold-digging trophy wife (Check out my cute blonde bob wig!) If you don't know us, then it might not make sense, but its sort of a running joke since we are 13 years apart. HAHA! And my coworker Natalie and I decided to wear our wigs to work for fun today and I have to say, we look pretty cute. Now off to enjoy some Halloween Krisy Kremes...



Things I Never Knew Till I Met You...


This post is dedicated to my bestie, my partner in crime, my playmate, my fellow dog and cat parent, and the best part of my day. You have taught me so many things during our three years together, and I look forward to every day I get to spend with you. I thank my lucky stars everyday you chose me to be your wife. I love love love you to the moon and back sweet baby. Happy One Month Wedding Anniversary!

Things you have taught me to appreciate:

1. The supreme awesomeness of The Cure, The Smiths & a bunch of odd British Bands.
2. How to be a dog person.
3. How to feel totally overwhelemed by love, and how to feel totally safe in a relationship.
4. The beauty of the Buffalo Chicken Wing.
5. The rules of football (still learning to love it though...)
6. Not to take myself so seriously.
7. All the words to several ghetto rap sings (um, Let a Ho be a Ho?...) Oh dear.
8. Having 30 Nicknames rocks. (Especially when you sing to me about them.)
9. The perfection of a Sunday without a list of planned activities
    (that's hard for me you know.)
10. That I love being married.

Thanks for loving me no matter what.
-The Mrs.


Blogger Crush: Sydney at The Daybook

I am rebelling, people. I refuse to accept that, though it is in fact the end of October, it is still in the mid 80's in Dallas. This is a bunch of crap. I am so ready for crisp fall days! So, I turned up my nose at the weatherman this morning and put on a sweaterdress, faux fur vest and leather wedge boots, then I proceeded to order chili for lunch. Take that unseasonable weather!

Anywho, please direct your attention to my new blogger crush-Miss Sydney Poulton at The Daybook. You know those girls- really cute and stylish and happy with cute husbands? And you want to hate their guts? But they are so funny and quirky that you just can't? Yeah- that's Sydney. I love reading her blog- its hilarious and sweet and she always has great outfits on. Its a big ball of cute fashiony goodness and I plan on stealing some of her styling ideas very soon. Head over and check her out-I'll be surprised if you're not instantly addicted.

My hubs is coming home tomorrow!! DOUBLE TRIPLE YAY WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!!


All images copyright Sydney at The Daybook


Happy Birthday Mom & Dad!

Ok, so I am a bit late on the birthday wishes for my parents. The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic and I am so sorry I am just now getting to it. Dad's birthday was July 29th and Mom's was yesterday-Aug 11th. So, without further adieu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of my most favorite people in the whole world!!  You both are great role models and friends and I am so blessed to have you!!!
I love you guys both so very much.



Catalog Living: A Lesson in Hilarity

Good Monday Morning lovelies,

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was CRAZY! Only 2 months till the wedding people, and I have to say, I was a little stressed out over the weekend. Maybe it was the 8 hours spent putting together wedding invitations to mail? Ugh. I guess that's what I get for being a picky-pants, Type-A designer.

Anywho, I also checked our registry this weekend, and spent some time clicking around Pottery Barn & Crate and Barrel. Love these sites! But I will never look at them quite the same way since my friend Laine (hi Lainie!!! Miss you!!) turned me on to the Catalog Living Blog. Um, holy hilarity! If you are having a rough day and need some good old fashioned yuppie comedy, head on over and check out their commentary on the ridiculousness that is Home Catalog Staging. Seriously- how many apples does one need on their coffee table? And why so many fans Pottery Barn? This site makes me cry with laughter every time. Here are some of my fave posts...Join me, won't you?


"Gary’s eyesight has gotten so bad he can’t even read an atlas with binoculars anymore."

"Gary, I just can’t believe that after months of research that’s the chair you chose."

"Leaving my basket of secondary shells under the table allows me to rotate in new shells at a moment’s notice!"

"Elaine wasn’t about to let some hot flashes get in the way of balancing the checkbook with the abacus."

"Elaine should have known better than to interrupt Gary during “apple time.”

(Images and Captions from Catalog Living)

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