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Hello Random

Hi Pretties! Happy Pre-Friday!

I warn you, this post is a big pile of random. But I wanted to share, so bear with me. So, I get a text from husband yesterday that he got me a treat. You should know that sometimes he thinks buying me cereal at the grocery store is a treat. Its not. Its just groceries. But don't tell husband- it'll make him sad.

Anywho, when I get home he makes me run around the house doing a present scavenger hunt. He said he would tell me when I'd found all of them. Long story short, after about a half an hour I held in my hands my fave Chobani Greek yogurt (a bulk pack from Costco!), a Where the Wild Things Are T-shirt and one of my favorite things on the planet-Nutella. That man knows me so well.

So after that, we are supposed to run 4 miles to get back on our training schedule. Did we? Um, no. Instead we went to Heaven on earth (ie: Whiskey Cake in Plano) and pigged out on homemade fries, deviled eggs with smoked salmon and capers, the OMG burger and the cheesy chicken melt. Yum.

Check out some fun pics of our adventures above...

I love Random Wednesday Date Night.

And just to continue the randomness, here are some things I am totally obsessed with in or cannot stop daydreaming about...

Pinterest. Hello time suck awesomeness. Check my boards here.

A Cardboard Moose Head for my office. Because...oh hell, why not?

The Devil in The White City by Eric Larson.
(Murder & Architecture- to of my fave things to read about. Should I be concerned?)

This, this and this at Anthro (oh yeah...and this.)

CAN'T WAIT to head to New Orleans (and stay here!) in a month for a bachelorette party. (I've never been...)

My new dress (to wear at said bachelorette party.)

Thinking I want to refinish my old armoire in a lovely grass green

Almost wet my pants laughing at Awkward Stock Photos.



Dear Husband... (Our Week in Photos)

Dear Husband...

What an awesome week!

yummy devils food Valentine cupcakes • love notes hidden all over the house for you • getting dressed up and spending a Saturday night out at our fave place • romantic Valentine's dinner of lobster ravioli • gorgeous flowers you brought home for me • sweet jewelry treat from Auntie Sue (modeled by Calvin) • Saturday morning cinnamon rolls & coffee • a great run on our new favorite trail ( & my first running injury-Boo) • our first time to jump a car together (haha!) 

All my love.

PS: Thanks for my little shopping treat!
(loving my cute new shirtdress from LOFT and the dress I'm lusting after at Anthro...)


If I had an extra $1000 to blow...

  If I had an extra $1000...

click photo for links


Because you can't be responsible ALL the time...



High Gloss Happy

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you. Its a snowy, icy, crazy-cold day here in Big D, so I am tucked away in our warm house, working away with a cup of tea in front of a fire. And besides cranking out some design projects, I'm also checking in on my favorite blogs and online mags. I definitley have a new favorite in High Gloss. This newbie to the online lifestyle publication game definitely did not disappoint with its premier issue. High Gloss is chock full of fashion and decorating goodies and I can't get enough. Check out some of my favorites from this issue above and read the whole gorgeous issue right here.
Hope you are staying warm.



Weekend in Pictures...

Spending a lazy Sunday in our PJ's, making a late breakfast of waffles, turkey sausage & yummy coffee, working on my blog design (in my fave moccasin booties), reading, napping...and its snowing outside.

Perfect Day.