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Hello Random

Hi Pretties! Happy Pre-Friday!

I warn you, this post is a big pile of random. But I wanted to share, so bear with me. So, I get a text from husband yesterday that he got me a treat. You should know that sometimes he thinks buying me cereal at the grocery store is a treat. Its not. Its just groceries. But don't tell husband- it'll make him sad.

Anywho, when I get home he makes me run around the house doing a present scavenger hunt. He said he would tell me when I'd found all of them. Long story short, after about a half an hour I held in my hands my fave Chobani Greek yogurt (a bulk pack from Costco!), a Where the Wild Things Are T-shirt and one of my favorite things on the planet-Nutella. That man knows me so well.

So after that, we are supposed to run 4 miles to get back on our training schedule. Did we? Um, no. Instead we went to Heaven on earth (ie: Whiskey Cake in Plano) and pigged out on homemade fries, deviled eggs with smoked salmon and capers, the OMG burger and the cheesy chicken melt. Yum.

Check out some fun pics of our adventures above...

I love Random Wednesday Date Night.

And just to continue the randomness, here are some things I am totally obsessed with in or cannot stop daydreaming about...

Pinterest. Hello time suck awesomeness. Check my boards here.

A Cardboard Moose Head for my office. Because...oh hell, why not?

The Devil in The White City by Eric Larson.
(Murder & Architecture- to of my fave things to read about. Should I be concerned?)

This, this and this at Anthro (oh yeah...and this.)

CAN'T WAIT to head to New Orleans (and stay here!) in a month for a bachelorette party. (I've never been...)

My new dress (to wear at said bachelorette party.)

Thinking I want to refinish my old armoire in a lovely grass green

Almost wet my pants laughing at Awkward Stock Photos.


Reader Comments (3)

Oh Nutella...I swear I saw this pic and started to drool! I studied fashion in Paris one summer and indulged myself daily with Nutella...I swear my pant size increased daily!!! YIKES!



Super excited to have you and your adorable blog over at Fabulous K's link up!!

03.31.2011 | Unregistered CommenterTiffany

So glad your present-hunt turned out successful!! Hope you will be wearing that cute t-shirt tomorrow!

One time, my cruel and unloving husband told me he got a present for me during a trip... a trip during which he did a lot of physical training... and the present was in the bottom of his suitcase. So, after I excitedly ripped through his suitcase full of stinky, still semi-wet gym clothes (and I could still smell at that point)... I look up, and he's just laughing at me. Because there was no present. Because, like I said, he is cruel and unloving.

;) xoxo

03.31.2011 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey

I echo Tiffany on the effects of Nutella. Lauren, you witnessed what it did to me in Italia. Geoff, please spread the word to all of our men…we want Random Wednesday Date Nights, too! Presents….nice touch.

04.12.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAllie

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