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Entries from September 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008


Curiously Crafty

The Curiosity Shoppe is a fave of mine for quirky gifts, but I think their crafty treats are so much fun right now. All of these seem to invoke some sort of summer campy vibe, and I imagine myself curled up in my flannel PJ's, sewing my very own raccoon
That's what every girl spends her free time doing, right? Maybe not...

Who doesn't want to sew their own raccoon? Hello?!

Shrinky-dinks!! Shut up! Remember these?
Travel stickers- I can't wait to seal all my thank you notes with these...
Printing with the sun- very cool. I am definitely trying this one.
Whittling, America's pastime....


Is it fall yet?

It must be Fall, right? If I try really hard I can feel it in the air in the mornings when I step outside. And in the cold I can't seem to get rid of. I cannot stop sneezing & coughing- Blech. So I've cheered myself up with some NyQuil and a bit of online window shopping-cause you can be well dressed even while sporting a runny nose. Here is what I am loving for Fall (esp. the leather bomber- LOVE!) Enjoy!

Anthropologie's Fall Outfits- so fun!

Leather Bomber at Gap
Booties at Bakers


Like Drano for Creative Block.....

So, I truly think being a creative person can be difficult sometimes. I'm not going to generalize for all the creatives out there, but as far as I'm concerned, sometimes I feel so full of ideas I might burst, and can't get them into my sketchbook fast enough; and then other times I am so blocked that I think about quitting the whole design thing and becoming an accountant (except that wouldn't work because I can't even balance my checkbook.) What a dilemma! Part of chasing creative pursuits is breaking through those roadblocks to come up with something truly imaginative. And sometimes that takes some help....Enter the oh-so-clever Keri Smith (visit her amazing work on her website here.) I adore her quirky, fun, super-useful and FREE! Artist's survival kit. For those days when creative brilliance evades you, download this adorable little book and remind yourself of the genius you really are. 


Bembo...the good kind

So if you are the graphic designer persuasion, you've most likely heard of Bembo- one of my favorite fonts. Issued in 1929, this font is named after Cardinal Bembo. So yes, it has a long, serious history. But the reason its one of my favorites is far from serious. Bembo's Zoo, a favorite children's book that makes the letters in the name of an animal into an actual picture of the creature has been around for a while, and now has a super fun website to go along with it. Visit Bembo's Zoo.com for some well designed animal goodness.


Sunshine & Ravioli...and friends

Sunshine & Ravioli- isn't that the cutest name for a company? It totally makes me smile! And it is one of my (many) favorites on the latest online market at Poppytalk Handmade. Paper goods from Sunshine & Ravioli & Blackbird Letterpress & linens from Saffron Marigold top my list of faves... Enjoy!

Offerings from Sunshine & Ravioli:

Offerings from Blackbird Letterpress:

Offerings from Saffron Marigold: