Like Drano for Creative Block.....

So, I truly think being a creative person can be difficult sometimes. I'm not going to generalize for all the creatives out there, but as far as I'm concerned, sometimes I feel so full of ideas I might burst, and can't get them into my sketchbook fast enough; and then other times I am so blocked that I think about quitting the whole design thing and becoming an accountant (except that wouldn't work because I can't even balance my checkbook.) What a dilemma! Part of chasing creative pursuits is breaking through those roadblocks to come up with something truly imaginative. And sometimes that takes some help....Enter the oh-so-clever Keri Smith (visit her amazing work on her website here.) I adore her quirky, fun, super-useful and FREE! Artist's survival kit. For those days when creative brilliance evades you, download this adorable little book and remind yourself of the genius you really are. 

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