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Entries from February 1, 2009 - February 28, 2009



Hello friends! Did you think I forgot about my beloved little blog? Not a chance. Life's just been a little topsy-turvey lately. And lots of changes are coming up for me. I am moving to Dallas to live with Geoff! Yay! I am bummed about leaving Austin, but I am so excited to get to see my honey everyday. We found a cute house (love!) and I have given notice at my job, so everything is in motion. I haven't found a job yet, but I have faith that something awesome will pop up. 
So, if you know anyone needing a graphic designer/art director please let me know.
Love you guys!

Check out our new place...pretty!


Comfort & Joy

Everyone needs to be comforted; to be told that they are fun and nice and loved. I feel so very blessed to have a slew of people in my life that make me feel cherished everyday. And I try to remember these positive reinforcements when faced with people that are not-so-nice. And I love that messages of love and positive affirmations are all over my fave blogs. Such a nice little reminder to keep on going and never give up. Post some around to remind you that you are awesome and wonderful too. 

Please enjoy a few of my favorites...
Creature Comforts Blog ALWAYS has such wonderful quotes of the week!! (Check out her beautiful blog here.)

Sarah Gardner's "5 Point Plan" available at her Etsy shop here. So precious!


Sad News and New Shoes

Sad news my friends...Domino, my super duper fave mag, is closing. I'm just gonna say it: this blows. What am I going to read now?!!! BOOKS?!! (Kidding, I love books...) Its just very sad to lose something that is such a source of inspiration and creative ideas. Thank you Domino for all you have contributed to my life and to the design community- we will miss you!!!

So, what to do when faced with such sad news? Cry? Eat Brownies? Nope. The answer is simple my friends: shoes. I've been looking for cute, comfy, budget-friendly flats...So, in order to self-medicate the pain from Domino's loss, here are some fab treats for your feets... Enjoy lovelies!!

Yummy Animal Print Gladiators from Victorias Secret (available here.)
Jessica Simpson Levish Flats at Endless.com (get em here.)

Shelly's London Heartbeat Flat at endless.com (available here.)
Restricted Peep Toe Satin Flat From endless.com (available here.)