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Entries from August 1, 2009 - August 31, 2009


Shameless Birthday Post

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 28 today-yikes!
Can't wait for a sweet dinner with my honey and a Ziplining trip to Austin this weekend! WOOT!


Can't Sleep, Kate Spade

Can't sleep...and have possible addiction to laptop...and to blogs...

Anyway, I've decided I want to be Kate Spade in my next life.
Or at least have a shop that looks like this...
(am so in love with the colors in the new 5th Ave shop)

And a wardrobe that looks like this...


Stuff I'm totally in love with

My virtual, pretend shopping list for the weekend...
From left to right (top to bottom:)
1. Chiffon Ruffle Tunic: Anthropologie
2. Mama Tried Tank: Junk Gypsy
3. Cara Cara Earrings: Anthropologie
7. Leather Bomber: Victoria's Secret
10. Walk-a-Ways Dress: Anthropologie
12. Skystones Necklace: Anthropologie


Holy Helpfulness Batman!

Gee, Dallas traffic, thank you for making me miss yoga. Much appreciated. I love spending an hour in the car for no reason. Ok, rant over. I just hate it when you are so looking forward to something that makes your day better and you miss it...because of traffic. Ugh. I am
however, so very glad to have found a blog that makes my life in the kitchen much easier. Enter Meal Planning 101. Adorable artist, wife and mom Kindra has been kind enough to share her genius weekly meal plans, tips, and delicious recipes-and so far, everything I have made from her site has been delicious! We had her Tortellini Soup tonight and it got a double thumbs up from both Geoff and I- and Cal loved licking the bowl! Thank you so much for sharing Kindra! Check out her blog here- it will save your life.


Funny, But UNTRUE!

I love someecards.com. Its pure, irreverent goodness. This one especially made me laugh, because I haven't shut up about this book and movie in two months. Julie & Julia comes out Friday- YAY!