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Entries from August 1, 2009 - August 31, 2009


Roundup Time!

Ok, lets be honest, there are a crazy amount of amazing blogs and creative people roaming around on the web-constantly inspiring me with ideas and tips. Sometimes its overwhelming-I get inspiration overload and my brain starts to hurt! So, in the interest of organizing my current faves, here are two creative gems I am loving. Enjoy!


Craftig , AKA a "Social Bookmarking Site for Crafters" is pure evil genius!
A great site from blogger Kristen Magee, who happens to have 2 other adorable sites: Paper Crave and Domestifluff (check them both out!) From Kristin:
"Craftig, aka Craft Is Good, is a site where you can go to share all of your favorite craft projects. I enjoy all different types of crafts and always keep my eye out for new projects to try, but when I realized that there were so many projects, sites, and blogs that I may never find simply because I don’t have a way of knowing about them, I came up with the idea of a social bookmarking site for crafters."
Check it out, post stories, get inspired! Thank you Kristin!

Freelance designer and blogger Erin Vale's gorgeous touch is all over this site. From her professional design work to her yummy recipes and free printables, her blog its full to the brim with things to admire. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work Erin (and for the free printable goodies!) 
Two of my faves:

(get it here.)

(get it here.)


Junk Gypsies- Yee Haw!

I love it when I run across fabulous women with an amazing, original aesthetic. Don't you? It opens my mind up to all these new ways of putting things together-new color palettes, mixing patterns, cultures, ideas... awesome. Which is why I am constantly checking out what the cutie pie girls (Sisters Amie & Joile and Mom Janie) over at Junk Gypsy have in store. I can't get enough of the Moulin Rouge-Boho-Rockabilly-80's Prom Queen thing they have going on- it truly is genius! From jewelry to wearables, to treats for the house, to good-old-fashioned junk, they have it all. And be sure to read their story- its a little tale of Texas-bred girl power. Love it!

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