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Entries from September 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008


I Heart Orange Beautiful

Girl Crush alert! Or it it a paper crush? I dunno... All I know is that I am in love with every beautiful thing in this shop, and their creator, Emily, is a super smartie-pants. Right? Right. I think in this day and age of impersonal communication (um, email anyone...), it is more important than ever to continue the traditions of written correspondence, and even more important to mark occasions and organize yourself with as much panache as possible. Emily and Orange Beautiful make it easy! Please visit her website (Orangebeautiful.com), her delightful blog (The Scoop), and enjoy some of her paper goodies blow (all available at her Etsy shop here.)

I am even in love with her website design- so jealous!


Yummy Bunny!

Here is a big fat dose of precious to enjoy- I heart Bunnies! And Fridays! Happy Weekend Everyone!


Bag Lady

In an attempt to distract my self from the overwhelming amount of invitations I am designing, I took a break to shop for a new handbag for Fall-something fun, that I can hold my whole world in. Here are some of my faves....

Laced tote (available here.)
Croco-embossed double-handle bag (available here.)

Burnt Orange Bowler (available here.)

Melie Bianco Double Zippered Tote (available here.)
Sabina Leather Satchel (available here.)


Crowning Glory

So, now that I am 27, I have decided I don't want to be a grown up anymore. Being a grown-up involves laundry, and buying cat flea medicine, and paying for the dentist. Therefore, I have decided not to be one. Instead, I will be a fairy princess. That sounds like a much better fit. While I am pretending not to have a marketing meeting this afternoon, you guys enjoy some fairy princess crown goodness from Made by Girl & Etsy....

Jennifer over at Made by Girl posted this adorable room- I love the pretzel crown- its so oddly adorable.

Your Courage Will Bring Us Victory...Screen Print Poster in Classic Red
by BluLima on Etsy (available

Queen of Hearts brass pendant necklace
by Schmutzerland on Etsy (available here.)

Pink crown tags
by petitepear on Etsy (available

Pink Crown Soap by soapychica on Etsy (available here.)

HRM Ring by dillondesigns on Etsy (avbailable here.)


Plastic really was Fantastic!

Greetings from Crazy Town. Work is nutty- getting ready for the High Point Furniture Market, so bear with me this week. On a super fun note, our Girly Craft Night of plastic bag fusing went off with out a hitch. (And without any Plasticy-melting fumes-hooray!!) I love these girls- we always have so much fun chatting and snacking and enjoying our wine. Sometimes we even make things....Please enjoy some cute pics of our fun night!
From left to right: Miranda (and the twins!), Mandy, Nicole, & Ellen
Look at the GORGEOUS cake Miranda's mom made me!

Cutie-pie Ellen getting her fuse on!
Ellie Mae was helping...

Look what Mandy made- so cute!!