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Things I Never Knew Till I Met You...


This post is dedicated to my bestie, my partner in crime, my playmate, my fellow dog and cat parent, and the best part of my day. You have taught me so many things during our three years together, and I look forward to every day I get to spend with you. I thank my lucky stars everyday you chose me to be your wife. I love love love you to the moon and back sweet baby. Happy One Month Wedding Anniversary!

Things you have taught me to appreciate:

1. The supreme awesomeness of The Cure, The Smiths & a bunch of odd British Bands.
2. How to be a dog person.
3. How to feel totally overwhelemed by love, and how to feel totally safe in a relationship.
4. The beauty of the Buffalo Chicken Wing.
5. The rules of football (still learning to love it though...)
6. Not to take myself so seriously.
7. All the words to several ghetto rap sings (um, Let a Ho be a Ho?...) Oh dear.
8. Having 30 Nicknames rocks. (Especially when you sing to me about them.)
9. The perfection of a Sunday without a list of planned activities
    (that's hard for me you know.)
10. That I love being married.

Thanks for loving me no matter what.
-The Mrs.



Sometimes you have these moments in life where you can't smile big enough, because you feel so loved. All my best girls made me feel this way this past weekend at my bachelorette party. We had so much fun and laughed so much that I swear my face still hurts. I am so so so blessed.

Geoff makes me feel that same overwhelming love every single day. I can't wait to be his wife.

And sometimes you hear a story about something awful and unimaginable happening far away in another country, and it makes you realize that, even though you are knee-deep in a crappy RFP and sometimes your job feels like working at a mental institution, you are actually amazingly lucky to have a job in a clean, air-conditioned office, with laws that protect you and food on your table, a roof over your head, and people that love you and will always take care of you. Its hard to complain when you realize so many suffer everyday.

I don't want to be a debbie-downer, but sometimes you just realize how damn lucky you are and you feel like saying it out loud.

So, today, I am so grateful for (in no particular order...) my family, friends, and loved ones, my relationship with God, getting to have a beautiful wedding, getting to marry the love of my life, my pets, coffee, my audio book club (without which I would have severe road rage), mix CDs, pineapple Chobani yogurt, spin class, t-shirt sheets, and curry ribs waiting at home for me in the crock pot.




Happy (Belated) Father's Day


Yes, I am a little late on this one (I was traveling yesterday and blogging wasn't an option...) but it is no reflection on what an amazing Dad I have. He has always been there, always been our family's rock, and knows how to fix anything. He is amazingly smart and kind and talented. A true Renaissance man, he could be sculpting a beautiful bronze statue one minute, then switch to a painting or stained glass piece, then head over to his triathalon class with my mom or to one of his many successful businesses. I am so grateful for you everyday Dad-you truly have set the bar high! I love you so much!!




Hey guys, so sorry to just drop off the face of the earth! We are on vacay in Tucson seeing Geoff's family, eating too much, and laying by the pool. I'll be back to my little blog on Monday; until then, have a lovely week.