Things I Never Knew Till I Met You...
Lauren in Life, Things I Heart


This post is dedicated to my bestie, my partner in crime, my playmate, my fellow dog and cat parent, and the best part of my day. You have taught me so many things during our three years together, and I look forward to every day I get to spend with you. I thank my lucky stars everyday you chose me to be your wife. I love love love you to the moon and back sweet baby. Happy One Month Wedding Anniversary!

Things you have taught me to appreciate:

1. The supreme awesomeness of The Cure, The Smiths & a bunch of odd British Bands.
2. How to be a dog person.
3. How to feel totally overwhelemed by love, and how to feel totally safe in a relationship.
4. The beauty of the Buffalo Chicken Wing.
5. The rules of football (still learning to love it though...)
6. Not to take myself so seriously.
7. All the words to several ghetto rap sings (um, Let a Ho be a Ho?...) Oh dear.
8. Having 30 Nicknames rocks. (Especially when you sing to me about them.)
9. The perfection of a Sunday without a list of planned activities
    (that's hard for me you know.)
10. That I love being married.

Thanks for loving me no matter what.
-The Mrs.

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