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30 before 30...

Good morning pretties! Well, I am now a couple of months into my 29th year, and have finally figured out my 30 before 30 list. Inspired by lists I have seen around and Nicole over at Making it Lovely, I decided it might be fun to have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year. For those who don't know me, I have a history of being a bit type-A and hard on myself, so I wanted to make these things fun and doable, so they become accomplishments, not things that add stress. Ok, so its not like I'm curing a horrible disease or climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro (ahem, Mom & Dad), but there's nothing wrong with having silly goals that make you happy, right? Right.
And away we go...


1. Get Married {9.25.10}
2. Start my Freelance Business. {DONE! As of March 2011, I have 5 new clients and counting...}
3. Work out at least 3 times a week on a regular basis. {Done!...And continuing...}
4. Get a new sewing machine and take a refresher class.
5. Donate Blood. (I've always been too scared...) {Done! 6.2.11}
6. Design an awesome wedding album.
7. Find a new job that I LOVE. {Done! Started at OnMessage in April and LOVE IT!}
8. Go on a picnic with Geoff (with our new picnic set from my parents!)
9. Make a photo book of 2010 (do this every year...)
10. Visit the Dalls Aquarium and Ft Worth Zoo.
11. Take a cooking class with the Hubs.
12. Plant a small garden or some herbs and NOT KILL IT.
13. Redesign my portfolio. {12.21.10}
14. Grow my blog (Get 200 followers). {Done! 3.11.11-Thanks to my first Giveaway!}
15. Start an outfit of the day section on my blog. {11.08.10)
16. Learn how to use all the settings on our digital camera (so I can take OOTD photos).
      UPDATE: Got a NEW CAMERA! Taking a class to learn all about it... {1.21.11)
17. Make the perfect margarita. {11.12.10}
18. Keep the house neater.
      {Done! Making the bed & daily pick-ups=neater house.}
19. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner. (Would love to do a cat eye.)
20. Cook perfect Pad Thai.
      (got this one from Making it Lovely & an episode of Good Eats
      we watched the other day...)
21. Sew something I can wear. (See #3)
22. Clean out and organize our closet. {5.7.11}
23. Lose 10 pounds.
24. Organize all my recipes into the cute little recipe box my mom gave me.
25. Spend a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, then cook something
      yummy with my finds. {4.31.11}
26. Host a dinner party.
27. Get rid of my allergies {1.2011} 
28. Run a 5K. Actually we are now training for a Half Marathon! {DONE. Did our first Half Marathon 3.27}
29. Go on a girls weekend trip. {NOLA 5.13-15.11}
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday in a big way!

Wish me luck!



Sometimes you have these moments in life where you can't smile big enough, because you feel so loved. All my best girls made me feel this way this past weekend at my bachelorette party. We had so much fun and laughed so much that I swear my face still hurts. I am so so so blessed.

Geoff makes me feel that same overwhelming love every single day. I can't wait to be his wife.

And sometimes you hear a story about something awful and unimaginable happening far away in another country, and it makes you realize that, even though you are knee-deep in a crappy RFP and sometimes your job feels like working at a mental institution, you are actually amazingly lucky to have a job in a clean, air-conditioned office, with laws that protect you and food on your table, a roof over your head, and people that love you and will always take care of you. Its hard to complain when you realize so many suffer everyday.

I don't want to be a debbie-downer, but sometimes you just realize how damn lucky you are and you feel like saying it out loud.

So, today, I am so grateful for (in no particular order...) my family, friends, and loved ones, my relationship with God, getting to have a beautiful wedding, getting to marry the love of my life, my pets, coffee, my audio book club (without which I would have severe road rage), mix CDs, pineapple Chobani yogurt, spin class, t-shirt sheets, and curry ribs waiting at home for me in the crock pot.




(Not so) Mellow Yellow

Hello Yellow! It is finally HOT here in the Lone Star State and I am ready for it! Summer is almost here which means hot pink pedicures, cocktails on the patio, cookouts, maxi dresses and lots of fun. I love summer and am currently celebrating its arrival with summery yellow treats. Check out my citrusy obsessions below (omg that owl coin purse is so mine!)
Happy Thursday!


1. Vintage Latticework Popover via J. Crew
2. Owl Coin Purse via Asos
3. Cylindrival Braid Belt via Anthro
4. Circle the Globe Skirt via Anthro
5. Mar y Sol Guadalupe Shopper via Nordi's
6. Anne Klein Resin Watch via Nordi's


The Little Things...

Ellie Mae, the best cat in the world (who never feels guilty about naps and very rarely helps with the laundry...)

Every once in a while, I have a weekend where I am completely devoid of energy. I hate these! Even though I know I need to catch up on my rest, my brain still wants to go-go-go and I end up feeling guilty about taking a nap instead of running my errands or finishing the laundry. How silly of me! It is on these occasions that I need to give myself a break and remember how wonderful and special the little things are. Here are a few little things from this weekend (that are a much better use of my time than chores...)

Geoff and I going to get Einstein's Bros. bagels in our PJs (in the POURING rain.)

Date Night at Studio Movie Grill...Shutter Island (so good), wine and a big ol' cheeseburger-can't beat it.

Baking on a cold Sunday...Yummy Blueberry Bran Muffins & Chocolatey Brownies. 

Hope you are all having a happy Monday!


Makeover Time!

Welcome to my new blog! Everyone needs a makeover every once in a while, right? And this little blog is no exception. Which is why I cleaned up, redesigned, and even got my own domain name. Because I am a professional blogger! Ok, maybe not, but I love it and can't wait to share another year of all things pretty with you. So please, come on in and I hope you enjoy!