The Little Things...
Lauren in Good Stuff, Life

Ellie Mae, the best cat in the world (who never feels guilty about naps and very rarely helps with the laundry...)

Every once in a while, I have a weekend where I am completely devoid of energy. I hate these! Even though I know I need to catch up on my rest, my brain still wants to go-go-go and I end up feeling guilty about taking a nap instead of running my errands or finishing the laundry. How silly of me! It is on these occasions that I need to give myself a break and remember how wonderful and special the little things are. Here are a few little things from this weekend (that are a much better use of my time than chores...)

Geoff and I going to get Einstein's Bros. bagels in our PJs (in the POURING rain.)

Date Night at Studio Movie Grill...Shutter Island (so good), wine and a big ol' cheeseburger-can't beat it.

Baking on a cold Sunday...Yummy Blueberry Bran Muffins & Chocolatey Brownies. 

Hope you are all having a happy Monday!

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