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Sorbet Summer


Sorbet Summer

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Its already heating up thankyouJesus. So psyched for long summer days, farmer's market veggies, margaritas on a good patio and lots of fun trips with the hubs. And I am totally obsessed with sorbet colors for all my summer weekend wear. Can't wait to throw on that yummy lemon striped t-shirt, boyfriend shorts, natural sandals and top it all off with a cute fedora. Perfect Summer Uniform.

Also, if you don't have the new album by The Civil Wars or Adele's new "21",
They will be in my Jeep with the windows down alllllllll summer long...
That is all.



(Not so) Mellow Yellow

Hello Yellow! It is finally HOT here in the Lone Star State and I am ready for it! Summer is almost here which means hot pink pedicures, cocktails on the patio, cookouts, maxi dresses and lots of fun. I love summer and am currently celebrating its arrival with summery yellow treats. Check out my citrusy obsessions below (omg that owl coin purse is so mine!)
Happy Thursday!


1. Vintage Latticework Popover via J. Crew
2. Owl Coin Purse via Asos
3. Cylindrival Braid Belt via Anthro
4. Circle the Globe Skirt via Anthro
5. Mar y Sol Guadalupe Shopper via Nordi's
6. Anne Klein Resin Watch via Nordi's


An Orangy Sort of Morning

Still asleep. Thought these bright pops of wedding orangy goodness might wake me up...
That and the double espresso I'm about to slam.


 All images via Project Wedding


Nothing Rhymes with Orange

And, according to Geoff, nothing goes with orange either. When we decided to live in sin, we each brought one bedside table to the mix. These bedside tables don't even come close to matching. Mine is painted black with a black & white striped top, and Geoff's is honey-colored wood. Lets just say neither goes with our chocolate leather upholstered headboard and blue-gray bedding. I love the eclectic look, and prefer things not to be too matchy-matchy, but these tables are so far out of left field that something must be done. So, I have been fantasizing about painting them both orange. Yes, orange. "Lauren, that's not very bedroom-y or soothing," you say...(and Geoff would agree) but I really think it might work. Besides, I've been dying to paint some piece of furniture in our bedroom orange since I saw this photo (below) of a room by amazing designer Ruthie Sommers. Awesome.

Her work was featured on the very first cover of (the now defunct) Domino Magazine (sob) and I've been obsessed with her work ever since. Perhaps when all the wedding madness blows over, I will tackle the beside tables. I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, have a lovely Tuesday!


A Ruthie Sommers bedroom from her book The L.A. House

Painted Dresser by Dallas's own Again & Again. LOVE this store!

Stunning Orange Dresser via Flickr

Ok, so its not a piece of painted furniture, but I adore the striking orange wall as a backdrop to soothing cream tones. Photo via Living Etc.


And last, but not least, another example of a perfect color story in this bedroom designed by Betsy Burham. Yum. Photo via Lonny Magazine (pg 127 of the current issue.) If you have not checked out this online home publication, you must! Go now!