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DIY: Brought to you by the letter K

If you know me, you are probably aware that I am obsessed with monograms. Love them. Even our wedding centered around our monogram and typography...guess its a graphic design thing. And of course I adore anything Anthroplogie. Take a cute monogram and mix it with some Anthro and you have some serious lust going on over here. I've loved these oversized zinc letters for a while, but can't get behind the $98 price tag. For one letter. Yikes! Pinterest to the rescue again! Seriously, is there anything you can't find a tutorial for on Pinterest? Dog jacket? Check! Giant Backyard Scrabble? Check! How to breed camels? Check. Ok wait... I made that last one up.
But there really are too many great ideas to count. Here's my newest DIY fave:

 So how did I take my letter from this... (Paper mache "K" is $8 from JoAnn Fabrics)

To this? Check out this tutorial from Kristen F Davis Designs. Its easy peasy (and only cost me $10!!)

Pretty cute, huh?



Calvin's New Coat (Country Gent Dog Jacket Tutorial)

Hi Pretties! After a nice long rest I am finally back to my little blog- I have missed it so! I've spent my time off working on some big projects, planning a huge party for work and setting up our new house. I can't wait to share pics with you! But in the mean time I'll share a little sewing project I just finished: a sherpa-lined flannel coat for our little boo Calvin. So its not like it gets super cold here in Dallas, but this little coat was just too cute not to whip up. After seeing this tutorial on Pinterest I was obsessed. I'm no professional seamstress, but after a refresher class and a little practice, it actually turned out pretty well. Check out the tutorial here and make your own for your fur baby. And to see all my Pinterest lists, visit me here.



Pinterest DIY Love

Homemade Delicious Sugar Scrub  |  Pallet Coffee Table  |  Tiny Polaroid Magnets  
 DIY Beanbag Poof  |  Twine Globes

Happy Sunday lovelies! How is everyone's weekend? Ours was so nice and relaxing! Friday night we met one of our favorite couples Kacie & John for deep dish pizza and cocktails. They are so fun! Then Saturday, I ran a bazillion errands, and one of my BFF's Kendra (who is a buyer for an AWESOME clothing store, so therefore is ALWAYS perfectly dressed) came over and we made agave margaritas, grilled fish tacos, Mexican Street Corn (recipe from La Condessa in Austin- Holy Deliciousness) and key lime pie for dessert. And then we watched The Hangover in our PJ's. Such a perfect, yummy night.

And today, I made Protein pancakes for breakfast and have been lounging in my jammers and getting some work (and blogging) done. Oh and I napped. Cause a 2 hour nap on a Sunday is one of my very favorite things ever. ever.

Ok, lets get down to business. Raise your hand if you are obsessed with Pinterest.
Ok, I see a few hands...
For those with hands in their laps, you have to check this out. I've talked about Wists, Fffound & Polyvore before, but Pinterest is a new concept in saving the things you love from around the web. Find an image that you must keep? Something that inspires you? A new craft or tutorial that you just can't forget about? The new haircut you want to show your stylist? Yep-just Pin it. And the other best part is that you can check out what everyone else is pinning-and follow them. Its such an amazing one-stop-shop for inspiration. So sign up and get pinning. (FYI: you have to get an "invitation," but just sign up and they'll approve you in the next day or so.)

These pics above are from my "DIY" Pinterest board. Its where I keep all the stuff I am dying to make-these are my fave 5. Now if I had a free afternoon...

Check out all my Pinterest boards here!




The Wedding DIY Madness Continues...

I am DETERMINED to use my crafty prowess for the good of the wedding! No longer will having a cold, and too much laundry, and a full time job stand in my way. I am on a mission to complete my list of wedding DIY projects. Geoff is out of town on a business trip again, so I am using this time to do some super crafting. I even started this weekend on a bunch of them, making a big trip to a couple of craft stores and gathering all my supplies. I began the super-messy task of gluing moss to paper mache letters last night-here they are in progress (I promise to do a full tutorial when they are complete):

We will hang them on the doors to the reception
(and hopefully they will look something like this:)


The rest of the projects on my list:

• Burlap "Just Married" Pennant Banner (a la this beauty from funkyshique on etsy)

• Boutonnieres (with chocolate striped ribbon and yellow billy balls-so cute! Image via Wedding Dress 2010)

• "Bride" & "Groom" Wooden Signs on the backs of our chairs (loving this free printable from Lucky & Lovely. Mine will be similar, but on wooden plaques with chocolate striped ribbon.)

• Painted People Cake Toppers ( I ordered this "paint your own" set from Goose Grease on Etsy and am planning on painting them to look like us. Have to wait till we pick out G's tie though...)

Wish me luck!



DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Good morning! Its Wednesday- yay! Only one more day till Geoff comes home from his business trip. I hate it when he leaves, but in one way its good because I get soooooo much stuff done. When he's home, I'd rather be hanging out with him than doing chores! So I cleaned the house from top to bottom and got some wedding stuff done. I am super excited about the Wedding Welcome Sign I finished last night! I took the antique frame we used in our engagement photos (see below) and repurposed it. I wanted a cute sign to hang on the white picket fence outside our wedding venue to welcome guests as they arrive (and let them know they are in the right spot.) Scroll down to see the step-by-step directions and the final product! Adorable!
Have a lovely Wednesday all!



The frame in its original state in our engagement photos.

I bought a piece of plywood and the nice men at Home Depot
cut it to the right size to fit my frame.

I spray painted the plywood black (for a chalkboard effect)
and painted the frame a bright green to match one of our
wedding colors.

Instead of trying to paint such an intricate design, I had a vinyl
decal made at Fast Signs which I applied to the black plywood.

After applying the vinyl, I used Liquid Nails to glue the plywood
to the frame (because the frame was much too delicate to use nails.
I then weighted it down and let it dry for 24 hours.

And voila! Here's the final product- I love how it turned out!