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Calvin's New Coat (Country Gent Dog Jacket Tutorial)

Hi Pretties! After a nice long rest I am finally back to my little blog- I have missed it so! I've spent my time off working on some big projects, planning a huge party for work and setting up our new house. I can't wait to share pics with you! But in the mean time I'll share a little sewing project I just finished: a sherpa-lined flannel coat for our little boo Calvin. So its not like it gets super cold here in Dallas, but this little coat was just too cute not to whip up. After seeing this tutorial on Pinterest I was obsessed. I'm no professional seamstress, but after a refresher class and a little practice, it actually turned out pretty well. Check out the tutorial here and make your own for your fur baby. And to see all my Pinterest lists, visit me here.



Style File: Posing, Puppy & Poop

Navy Shirtdress: LOFT  |  Braided Belt: Banana  |  Wood Sole Platforms: Lulu's
Neurotic Westie:
Westie Rescue of North Texas 
(If you live in DFW & you are thinking about a shelter dog, call them!
Westies are the bestie! Even when they poop on you...) 


One of these things is not like the other...
Um, yeah. Poop. Remember when husband was requesting more pics of Calvin be included on the blog? Its not a dog blog I said. Well, since he is now the man behind the camera, I guess he gets a say...right? But look at these pictures. This is not a dog that wants to be held. Or wants his picture taken. And to prove it he pooped on me during the last photo. Yeah...we didn't post that one. Good times.

At least nothing got on the best dress ever. Seriously. Go buy this NOW. They are just showing red online right now, but I've seen lots of navy in stores.  It is the perfect shirtdress-perfect length, lovely color, nice thick fabric. Loft totally nailed this one. I'm going to live in it all summer. And speaking of LOFT, I am seriously loving their stuff lately-lots of cute work staples and fun summer tops. Plus, it seems like they are always having a sale. LIKE NOW! Extra 50% off all sale!

More on the new fab shoes later...



Don't be Tardy for the Cardi

BTW, that title is awesome. That one's for you, G.

My all time favorite piece of clothing is a cardigan (people who know me are rolling their eyes right now, because I wear one 5 days out of 7...at least.) I tried to leave the house this morning without one on and I kinda felt like I left my arm behind. Sad. I asked G if I could wear one with my wedding dress, and he said no. Ok, maybe a wedding cardi is going a bit overboard, but I will never stop adding to my beloved collection (dammit!) I have them in almost every color-I got one in the most lovely shade of coral-y pink this weekend. But something still eludes my collection: patterned cardis. They've been cropping up around the blogosphere and (oddly) I have yet to jump on the bandwagon. So, here are my pics for the best patterned and printed cardis hanging around- be prepared to join my wardrobe!


1. Favorite Crew Neck Cardi in Leopard via Boden
    (Dear fashion gods, please send me this for my birthday. Pretty please!! :)
2. Featherweight Lynx Bling Button Cardigan via J Crew
3. Cooperative Printed Cardigan via Urban Outfitters
4. Rise and Fall Cardigan via Anthropologie
5. Button Bin Cardi via Anthro
6. Oasis Heart Cardigan via Asos
7. Wild and Wondrous Cardigan via Anthropologie
   (Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with this one too...)


And here's a dose of random for your Thursday...

SO PUMPED about the new Ray Bans G surprised me with yesterday! Thank you honey!

G also informed me that there are not enough pics of Calvin on the blog...so here you go...
I know everyone thinks this about their fur babies, but he is seriously the cutest dooger in the whole world!


Crazy Cat Lady

Yep- I am one. I'm loving Zara's cute kitty-printed dress. It's a little more subtle than the ladies that wear puff-painted cat sweatshirts, right? Right. And to really drive home the crazy cat lady point, here are some pics of my baby Ellie Mae. Happy Monday all!



Immortalizing our little monsters

Lots of my friends have started having babies. EEK!! I guess we are in that stage of life now, but I am so not prepared for parenthood (is anyone with me?!) Right now, I am content with our two fur babies, Calvin & Ellie Mae. They are totally our children. And its totally normal to take family photos with your pets right? Right. What about having them immortalized on canvas? Again, I think this is totally normal (and I think everyone else who is pet-obsessed would totally agree.)

Enter Ken Bailey. How cute are these paintings? I love the old fashioned appeal and clean lines, and the best part is that he will customize a painting with your pets image and name. This is a great (and modern) way to immortalize your little monsters in paint. Visit Ken's site for more cute samples and all the details...