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Scrabblicious & Wedding Photo Sneak Peek

Hi lovelies! I am taking a little break from fashion today to share one of my fave wedding crafts! Remember this post? As soon as I saw these babies I knew they had to be our favors. And after many hours of gluing (and the Hubs spelling inappropriate things...) we completed 125 sets of Scrabble Magnet Favors, boxed them in adorable oversized matchbooks & tied with our signature stamped tags. And here is how they came out! I was thrilled and wanted to share. 

And here are a few shots of our September wedding at the GORGEOUS Barr Mansion
It was such a beautiful and special day and I can't wait to share all of them with you soon...

Plus, I am putting together a DIY Section to share How To's on all the crafty critter projects I did for our day!

P.S. See if you can spot this...


Photos by the beautiful, talented, & lovely Julie Cope.



Happy Wednesday lovelies! I hope everyone has had a great start to their weeks. My whole office went to a "Get Motivated" Seminar on Monday- We heard Laura Bush, Colin Powell, Emmit Smith & Terry Bradshaw speak- it really was fun. I was so motivated I proceeded to go home and fall asleep on the couch- haha! 

Oh well, I'll try to be more motivated tomorrow...

One thing I have been motivated to get going on is my Halloween costume. We are going to a party then out for drinks for Halloween so I wanna make sure I am super cute. I am thinking of going as Katy Perry- love her pin-up girlie style. Of course, this would mean my new hubs would have to be Russell Brand to match- and I'm not so sure he's keen on the idea, so we'll see. Check out some inspiration pics of the fab Miss Perry below, and then take a look at how I would style myself a la Katy. (I will be toning down the slutty-lets keep all our lady bits covered please girls...) 

What are you guys doing for Halloween?!!






Young House Love & Budget Floor Mirrors

Happy Wednesday the 13th! Today Geoff and I are celebrating 3 happy years together (and 18 days of wedded bliss!) The dust hasn't even settled on the wedding yet (pictures coming soon!), but being the type-A crazy pants that I am, of course we are already starting on another huge life event- buying our first house. We spent hours online hunting last night and hopefully will get to meet with our realtor this weekend. And leave it to me to already start mentally revamping a house we don't even own yet. I find myself spending a ton of time on house design blogs- I am especially enamored with Young House Love. Cutie-pies Sherry and John run this delightful blog thats chock-full of gorgeous, genius, affordable home design ideas and renovation projects. My fave recent post is about this cute couple and their awesomely affordable home makeover. I am totally going to steal their floor mirrors made out of old doors and weathered wood palettes idea (see photos below!) Check out Young House Love for all sorts of home ideas goodies (and be sure to visit their Projects Section for how-to's on anything you can imagine- I have a feeling this is going to come in very handy soon!)


Images via Young house Love


How Inviting

They're done!!! Finally! We finished our wedding invitations this past weekend and popped them into the mail. Poor Geoff looked like I was torturing him as I was making him tie yards and yards of hemp twine. He kept telling me that these were "uselessly complicated." Boys so don't get wedding design.

I am so pleased with the way they came out-It was so much fun to be my own client for once. Its hard to see in photos, but we had the main invitation letterpressed & blind embossed, which gives the paper a paisely pattern texture. I also had a custom rubber stamp made with our monogram, and used it to stamp the muslin bags that hold the Map and RSVP cards and the tags that adorned the hemp twine. To go along with the green theme and venue, all of the pieces are eco-friendly. The envelopes are recycled kraft paper, the main invitations are letterpresssed with soy ink on Crane Lettra recycled stock, the muslin bags are stamped with soy ink, and the twine is recycled hemp. The invites were printed by Kseniya at Thomas Printers- not only are they super affordable for letterpress, but Kseniya was super helpful and they did an amazing job!! 

We are only 2 months away from the wedding and I'm getting more excited every day. We are headed to Austin in the morning for our tasting party at Barr Mansion- I can't wait to sample all of the yummy food and CAKE! Have a lovely weekend all!


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Invitation Sneak Peek

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did- we went to my hometown for my bridal shower- it was so much fun! We had such yummy food, lots of mimosas and plenty of good girl time. My sweet friend Grace even flew up to surprise me at the shower & brought her precious baby Ian-I really have the most amazing friends and family in the whole world! I am so flattered that Ian's first plane trip was to come to the shower :) Thank you to everyone who made it so wonderful!

On the same wedding note (I'll be stuck on this note for a while people...sorry!) I am getting close to getting the invitations out. Let me tell you, for a graphic designer, doing your own wedding invitations is like the World Cup of design-so much pressure! I am so glad that I finally picked a theme (after doing about 20 different versions) and it should be coming from the letterpress printers any day now. And it wouldn't be me if the whole invitation package wasn't a little complicated and had lots of pieces, so we are also using a muslin bag as part of the packet. I will be sure to post pics of the complete invite package, but until then, here's a little taste- the muslin bags I hand-stamped with a custom rubber stamp I designed with our monogram. I love them! I can't wait to see al the pieces put together and check these babies off the list.

Wish me luck!