When you don't have a thing to wear...

Button Down: H&M  |  Black Skinny Pants: Gap  |  Pearls: ?  |  Belt: Banana Republic  |  Leopard Flats: Target

Happy week after Easter! I hope everyone had had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Yeah, so you noticed I didn't do an Easter post? Or a Dear Husband last Friday?... Um...yeah...

I was in bed all weekend with the stomach flu. Ugh. There went my long weekend plans. I had hoped to spend some time on a patio, see a movie, do some blogging and maybe sneak in some shopping but it was not to be. Instead, I hung around in my PJ's for 3 days, consuming more gatorade and chicken noodle soup than I care to think about. But I'm finally back in the land of the living! Hooray!

Enough with the illness chit chat and on to another very important matter, my closet. Or your closet. Ok, closets in general. Nothing makes me madder than going into my well-stocked closet and coming out whining "I have nooooooooothing to weeeaaaarrrrr!" (Insert husband eyeroll. Then husband will venture into said closet and try to pick something out for me. Which is both completely adorable and hilarious.) We've all been there. No matter how many adorable pieces we have, we all have those "I have nothing to wear and I hate everything I own" days. What's a girl to do?

This is where my inspiration file comes in handy. I have kept clips of outfit ideas that I love for a long time. They used to be printed and put into a binder for easy reference (so dorky.) But now, thanks to the interwebs, I keep them on Pinterest (check out my Style Inspiration Board here).

Where do I find these ideas? I'm glad you asked. Fave spots are, of course, blogs (esp: Kendi, Chloe & Bee's.) I also keep every Anthropologie Catalog I've ever received (can you say "obsessed?") and clip from J crew Catalogs as well. Luckily, most catalogs are online now, so you can pin directly from the site.

And, my new fave spot to steal borrow ideas from is J's Everyday Fashion. Cutie pie J takes inspiration from all over (celebs, catalogs) and then shows you her version side by side with the original. Such a great way to see how to adapt a look you love with things you already own. Check out J's blog here and my version of a side-by-side with a favorite J Crew look (above.) Neato.


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