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Happy & New

Happy New Year All! I really can't believe that its 2009 already. Insane. So, as people tend to do when ringing in the new year, I am reassessing what I want to accomplish this year. Sounds an awful lot like making resolutions, right? Well, sort of. I really think its only natural to start a new year with big ideas and goals. But I want to go beyond making silly resolutions that I won't keep. I really want to refocus and re-energize my life. Thus, the life list. I came upon an article on Whole Living.com about creating a life list and loved it. What a great idea! I so agree with the power of positive thinking and power of writing down goals to achieve. So here is what I have so far, which is more like a to do for this year. Try making your own and get inspired at the following websites:


Here's to the best year yet!

My list:
1. Slow down, stop stressing out, & enjoy the little things.
2. Don't take myself so seriously.
3. Join a  yoga and pilates studio (maybe even learn to teach!)
4. Eat better & cook more.
5. Take time out to paint & craft.
6. Take steps toward my lifelong dream of owning my own shop.
7. Be a better girlfriend, friend, daughter, designer & person!
8. Create & stick to a budget.
9. More quality time with Geoff.
10. Travel somewhere amazing!
11. Spend more spiritual time in prayer and meditation.

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goals, schmoals.... i say take each day as it comes. if you keep setting goals you'll miss what was happening along the way.

01.3.2009 | Unregistered CommenterMiranda

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