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Big Easy

As you can see, we had an awesome trip to NOLA for my sis's 40th! Between the cocktails, carriage ride, haunted bar crawl, the food (OMG, cheese grits...), and the company, a good time was had by all. Miss it already...



Weekend Wrap Up...A little Austin

Good rainy morning loves! Its damp and cloudy here in the big D today- the perfect day to throw on my faux furry vest, grab a big cup of coffee and head into the office. Would I rather be under the covers in my big warm bed? Ok, maybe a little...

So here are a few snaps of our fun weekend in Austin celebrating my brother-in-law Andy's birthday. The sis-in-law and I did a little shopping (and got matching "K" rings-for our last name), got our nails done, and the 4 of us had some yumminess at La Condesa- one of my Austin Faves. If you ever make it there have some of the Mexican Street corn-its seriously the best.

Hope your Tuesday is off to a lovely start...


P.S. The last pic is a great example why I have the best hubs ever. I have a little cold and was feeling not so great yesterday and he shows up at home with Nyquil and my absolute favorite treat ever- Haagen Dazs Raspberry Sorbet. Love that man.


A little Rest...


You may have noticed my consistent absence as of late. Once again, real life has become insane (in good, joyful, lovely ways - moving to a new beautiful house, working hard at a job I love, spending time with my best friend (the hubs) and enjoying some down time.) And sometimes real life is more important than bloggy life. I guess this is one of those times when my heart is more invested in other things and blogging has taken a backseat. I'm not leaving forever, just taking off for a month or two...

Hope you'll come visit when I get back.



Happy independence day!

Just a few snaps from our 4th of July celebration in good ol Lubbock, TX. Donuts, flags, friends & family, a hometown parade, a few bloody marys & lots of red white & blue. Good times!

And a big thank you to our troops and veterans for their sacrifices to keep us safe. God bless you!




Dear Husband...(Key West Recap)

Dear Husband...

My favorite things about our trip to Key West:

Cuban Coffee & Pressed Cuban Bread Cheese Sandwiches for Breakfast  •  
Snorkeling at Jackson State Park- Just the 2 of us  •  Couples Massage
(And wearing fluffy matching robes to said massage)  •  Our big shower
with the rainfall shower head  •  You almost crashing a Vespa (scary!)
and then me making you rent an electric car  •  Palm Trees  •  Dinner in Bed  •  
Umbrella Drinks  •  My First Time Parasailing (loved going with you)  •  
Our Fedoras (Sheryl called us "Fedorable")  •  Fried Chicken and Cookies
on the Catamaran  •  Sunsets  •  Journey Sing-a-longs with our Besties  •  
Key Lime Pie (duh...)  •  Raw Bars •  Beers at The Porch  •  Guy Friend
Necklaces (um...)  •  Dancing at Irish Kevins & Sloppy Joe's  •  Sunset Parties
in Mallory Square  •  An awesome day on the catamaran with drinks, eats,
snorkeling at the reef, jet ski's, the banana boat, & good friends  •
Clay & Rebekah's Wedding reminding me of our wedding just 9
months ago  (and how much we've already grown since then)  •  
Celebrating your birthday in such a beautiful place

But the best thing...Being there with you.


P.S. CONGRATULATIONS Clay & Rebekah. You both are such wonderful amazing people and I'm so excited for you. We love you both very much and wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!


Here are some pics from our trip (if you wanna see all of them check out my Album here)