Dear Husband...(Key West Recap)
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Dear Husband...

My favorite things about our trip to Key West:

Cuban Coffee & Pressed Cuban Bread Cheese Sandwiches for Breakfast  •  
Snorkeling at Jackson State Park- Just the 2 of us  •  Couples Massage
(And wearing fluffy matching robes to said massage)  •  Our big shower
with the rainfall shower head  •  You almost crashing a Vespa (scary!)
and then me making you rent an electric car  •  Palm Trees  •  Dinner in Bed  •  
Umbrella Drinks  •  My First Time Parasailing (loved going with you)  •  
Our Fedoras (Sheryl called us "Fedorable")  •  Fried Chicken and Cookies
on the Catamaran  •  Sunsets  •  Journey Sing-a-longs with our Besties  •  
Key Lime Pie (duh...)  •  Raw Bars •  Beers at The Porch  •  Guy Friend
Necklaces (um...)  •  Dancing at Irish Kevins & Sloppy Joe's  •  Sunset Parties
in Mallory Square  •  An awesome day on the catamaran with drinks, eats,
snorkeling at the reef, jet ski's, the banana boat, & good friends  •
Clay & Rebekah's Wedding reminding me of our wedding just 9
months ago  (and how much we've already grown since then)  •  
Celebrating your birthday in such a beautiful place

But the best thing...Being there with you.


P.S. CONGRATULATIONS Clay & Rebekah. You both are such wonderful amazing people and I'm so excited for you. We love you both very much and wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!


Here are some pics from our trip (if you wanna see all of them check out my Album here)

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