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Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I was having so much Holiday fun I forgot to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Hope yours was wonderful and filled with love, family, and lots of yummy treats.



Dear Dad...

Yep, I am hijacking my usual Dear Husband post this week. Today is my Dad's birthday, so the hubs will have to take a backseat on the blog today so I can celebrate the very first man in my life. 

Dear Dad...

Things that are so special about you: you have the world's biggest heart, and do so many things for others. you are a true Renaissance man- you can paint, draw, sculpt, restore a car, play the guitar, run 2 fabulous restaurants, sing, do marathons and tri-athalons, practice law, make killer breakfast, design our house remodel...I could seriously go on forever.

Thanks for being an amazing dad and someone I always look up to. I am so lucky to be your little peanut.

Happy Birthday dad!!



Happy independence day!

Just a few snaps from our 4th of July celebration in good ol Lubbock, TX. Donuts, flags, friends & family, a hometown parade, a few bloody marys & lots of red white & blue. Good times!

And a big thank you to our troops and veterans for their sacrifices to keep us safe. God bless you!




My Dad

Since I was out of town over the weekend, this is a bit late...

Happy belated Fathers Day to the best Dad in the whole world! I love that we are so alike and that I get so much of what I love from you (like art and music.) I am so proud of all you accomplish- from your tri-athalons to remodels to the fabulous restaurants- you are amazing. Thank you for singing "Back to the House at Pooh Corner" and James Taylor songs to me when I was little, thank you for being patient while I was the world's worst driver, thank you for teaching me to be tough and a hard worker. Thank you for your kindness, support, jokes, hugs and unending love. I could go on and on. You are my hero and my rock. Love you Daddy.


P.S. And Happy Father's Day to my awesome Father-in-law! I will always remember the sweet speech at our wedding about wanting daughters- I am so blessed to be your DIL! XO


Word to my Mother

Growing up, I was always late everywhere. And although I'm a lot more punctual now, I still have my moments of serious tardiness. Take this Mother's Day post for example. Embarrasingly late. But isn't that the good thing about mothers? They always think what you do is precious- even when its way overdue.

On that note, Happy Belated Mother's day to my best friend. You are beautiful, funny, smart, sassy and endlessly kind. I don't know what I did to deserve to get you in the mom lottery, but I am grateful for you everyday. You are a blessing to everyone's life that you touch and I am so very proud that you are my mom. I love you, love you, love you.


P.S. And, if getting the world's most amazing woman for a mother wasn't enough, my mother-in-law is completely wonderful! I truly could not have asked for a better second mom. I love you Karen!!