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Entries from April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010


Currently Channeling: Knack Studios

My decorating obsessions always ebb and flow. I go through rounds of wanting to redecorate everything, tear the whole house apart and redo it all. Maybe its part of this "nesting" thing that goes with getting married? Hmmmm... Anyway, I have been spending time getting ideas for beautiful, inexpensive DIY projects I can sink my crafty little teeth into. In my design inspiration travels, I always check in with Design Sponge, and her awesome "Before & After" section. As it happens, going through all these posts led me to Knack Studios. This little Greenville, South Carolina Treasure is aaaaaaaaamazing! Specializing in refinishing and refurbishing, they create beautiful, functional pieces out of what some might consider garbage. I am going to try to tackle our bedside tables this weekend- they are dying for a new coat of paint and some cute knobs. And thanks to Knack Studios, I now have a ton of great ideas for them, and many other projects. Check out their website (here) and Flickr Photos (here) and get inspired!


All image via Knack Studios


"Rehearsal Dinner" does not mean we are practicing eating...

But it does mean I get a new dress! I have this romantic idea that wearing white extends my "bridehood" for a few extra hours...Here are my picks for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress.

Happy Tuesday all! 

Calvin Klein Petal Applique Dress via Nordi's.

Rising Battenberg Dress via Anthro.

All Seasons Shirtdress via Anthro.

Ruffle Tube Dress via AE.

Cotton Cady Alexa Dress via J. Crew.


Pretty Pots & Guilty Pleasures

My future sis-in-law Nicole is the Gardening Queen. Seriously. She can make anything grow! My mom has the same gift- a serious green thumb (how did I miss out on this gene?) We were in Austin this weekend spending time with the fam and meeting with the wedding planner (SQEEE!!) and Nicole showed me this fab project in Martha Stewart Living Mag. You use this stuff called Hyperturfa (kinda like poured cement) and cool molds like textured bowls and baskets to make gorgeous planters. I'm thinking I need to master not killing my plants before I start making my own planters, but I can't wait to see how Nic's turn out. Pretty!
(Get the full project details here.)

On an unrelated random note, Tori & Dean are back on tonight! I adore her (and love seeing what she wears and her super cute house.) Can't wait! (For some reason, Geoff does not share my enthusiasm for Oxygen, Bravo, Style, or Glee...he's in for a long summer. Poor guy.)

Happy Monday!

Images via Martha Stewart


Good Friday & Easter Pretties

Happy Good Friday to all! What a beautiful day to celebrate God's gift to us all. I am looking forward to celebrating Easter in Austin with my family and visiting with our wedding planner- its going to be a busy weekend!

And, because it wouldn't be me if I didn't have a fashion obsession tied to every event, here are some treats I would love to find in my Easter basket (courtesy of the lovely Elva Fields.)


Unbelievable Necklaces by Elva Fields

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