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My decorating obsessions always ebb and flow. I go through rounds of wanting to redecorate everything, tear the whole house apart and redo it all. Maybe its part of this "nesting" thing that goes with getting married? Hmmmm... Anyway, I have been spending time getting ideas for beautiful, inexpensive DIY projects I can sink my crafty little teeth into. In my design inspiration travels, I always check in with Design Sponge, and her awesome "Before & After" section. As it happens, going through all these posts led me to Knack Studios. This little Greenville, South Carolina Treasure is aaaaaaaaamazing! Specializing in refinishing and refurbishing, they create beautiful, functional pieces out of what some might consider garbage. I am going to try to tackle our bedside tables this weekend- they are dying for a new coat of paint and some cute knobs. And thanks to Knack Studios, I now have a ton of great ideas for them, and many other projects. Check out their website (here) and Flickr Photos (here) and get inspired!


All image via Knack Studios

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