Pretty Pots & Guilty Pleasures
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My future sis-in-law Nicole is the Gardening Queen. Seriously. She can make anything grow! My mom has the same gift- a serious green thumb (how did I miss out on this gene?) We were in Austin this weekend spending time with the fam and meeting with the wedding planner (SQEEE!!) and Nicole showed me this fab project in Martha Stewart Living Mag. You use this stuff called Hyperturfa (kinda like poured cement) and cool molds like textured bowls and baskets to make gorgeous planters. I'm thinking I need to master not killing my plants before I start making my own planters, but I can't wait to see how Nic's turn out. Pretty!
(Get the full project details here.)

On an unrelated random note, Tori & Dean are back on tonight! I adore her (and love seeing what she wears and her super cute house.) Can't wait! (For some reason, Geoff does not share my enthusiasm for Oxygen, Bravo, Style, or Glee...he's in for a long summer. Poor guy.)

Happy Monday!

Images via Martha Stewart

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