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Closet Organization Extravaganza!

Sounds fancy right? Well good. Because it totally is. Another one of my goals for my
30 before 30 project was to get our closet super duper organized. I spent last weekend running to Ikea about a billion times (shoe shelves? check. scarf organizer? check. awesome baskets? double check.), throwing everything out of the closet and making husband try on (and get rid of) lots of stuff. I was basically a tornado. So, here are the before pics (almost too embarrassing to post) and the afters (organized oasis for fashion) as well as some helpful organizing tips. This has already made our lives so much simpler in the mornings. And I adore walking into our peaceful closet everyday.

Closet Organization Tips:

1. Bookshelves (we used the Ikea Billy Bookcase + the Height Extension Unit 
   + 3 extra shelves) can be modified to make great inexpensive shoe shelves- 
   just add extra shelves for more space. 
   Now we can see all our shoes!

2. Pretty baskets (Ikea Pjas) keep sweaters, bags, scarves and hats easily
    within reach, but look more orderly than just stacking everything on shelves.
    Plus, we don't have towers of folded sweaters constantly toppling over.

3. Add a rug to dress up your closet. This one is a vintage one of my grandmother's.
    It should be as beautiful, cozy & inviting as any other room.

4. Hooks keep all your necklaces and small handbags in plain site, and keep
    them from becoming a tangled mess.

5. I used a basket to hold all my flip flops so they don't get scattered all over
    the closet floor and so they don't take up valuable space on our lovely shoe shelves.

6. Matching hangers keep everything at the same height and look cleaner than a
    jumble of different ones. (I am going to invest in huggable ones, just haven't
    gotten around to it yet...) 

7. Keep boots upright and in good condition by rolling an old magazine and putting
    it in the boot shaft. Works like a charm. 

I would love to hear any good organizing tips or tricks you have. And please share your closets!



Wear this Room...Green Bean

 Wear this Room...Green Bean

(click on the image for product information)


Good Monday Morning lovelies! Did everyone have a nice weekend? We did (with the exception of my sprained foot. Is it weird to be a little proud of my first running injury? It makes me feel like a real runner!)

Anyway...on to the gorgeous green goodness. My passions for interior design and fashion often cross paths. Colors and patterns I love in an interior are usually present in my closet. And its no secret that green is my favorite color. I wear it all the time, use it in a lot of my design work, decorate with it...even our wedding's main color was a lovely grass green (Check out my yummy green wedding shoes.) I have been lusting after the newest incarnation of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bag in this lovely hue and was thrilled to find a kitchen whose cabinets were the same grassy shade. Which lead me to think...why couldn't I use this room as fashion inspiration? Thus, I give you my new little blog feature: Wear this Room. We'll see if it catches on...

I took the classic white cabinets and subway tile and translated them to a feminine blouse by J Crew. The black embroidery on the top and the black-washed wide leg denim mirror the sleek black counter top, stools & shelving. Add some pops of sherbet orange in a braided skinny belt, a boho cocktail ring and my new favorite Essie nail polish to brighten up the look (and pull in the warm shade of the pendant.) Silver ballet flats add the chrome element of the appliances and a Chan Luu wrap bracelet adds one more pop of green. The look is laid-back, classic & functional, just like my dream kitchen.

And on a final note, I am a bit obsessed with the Chan Luu wrap bracelets (but refuse to pay $200 for one.) I've bought the materials to make my own and will share the process soon in a How To. The hubs will be out of town this week for work, so its the perfect time to get crafty.

Have a Happy Monday!


High Gloss Happy

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you. Its a snowy, icy, crazy-cold day here in Big D, so I am tucked away in our warm house, working away with a cup of tea in front of a fire. And besides cranking out some design projects, I'm also checking in on my favorite blogs and online mags. I definitley have a new favorite in High Gloss. This newbie to the online lifestyle publication game definitely did not disappoint with its premier issue. High Gloss is chock full of fashion and decorating goodies and I can't get enough. Check out some of my favorites from this issue above and read the whole gorgeous issue right here.
Hope you are staying warm.



One Pretty Thing

Good morning lovely readers. I hope everyone had sweet dreams. I am hanging out in bed with my coffee, trying to talk myself into getting up, but its so cold in our bedroom! Ugh. This weather makes it really hard to be productive. 

My mom and I popped into Anthropologie this past weekend and I came across this adorable dish towel. It has the traditional gift given for each anniversary listed- how fun is that? As a newlywed, I am still totally enamored with all things that celebrate marriage. I think this little pretty will have to be mine.

The gift for the first anniversary is paper and I already have an awesome idea. I promise to share after I give the hubs his gift.



3 Things: Current Obsessions


Yes, I know that Christmas is over, and after all the shopping and gift giving, I am definitely on a shopping diet for a bit. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop making lists, right?

Here are 3 things I am loving right now. How cute cute cute is the carbs cookie jar from Jonathan Adler? It cracks me up. Carbs are my favorite food group- so I definitely need one. Also loving the Suitcase Sewing and Knitting Kit from Kate's Paperie. This would definitely inspire me to get some stitching projects going. Also need to pick up one of these Gold Pineapple Bowls from Jayson Home and Garden. It would make the perfect hostess gift.

BTW, I am planning on actually getting out of my yoga pants today, so I'll have an OOTD tomorrow.
My parents are coming in town today and I cannot wait!!