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3 Things: Falling for Fall

Good Tuesday morning lovlies! Its been hinting at Fall (finally!) here in Dallas and I couldn't be more excited. Visions of school supplies, yummy baked goods, leather boots, and cuddling in front of the fire bob around in my head- I can't wait! Here are three things that are helping me celebrate Fall's arrival-a gorgoeus supple leather bag, cozy sweater knit throw, and delicious peanut butter banana bread muffins.

1. Sepia Saddlebag via Anthro
    (Could this bag be more gorgeous? The supple leather will just get better
    with age-definitely wishlisted.)

2. Chunky Ribbed Throw via Pottery Barn
    (Got this with some of our wedding gift cards & I am in love-its literally a
     huge sweater to wrap up in on the couch!)

3. Peanut Butter Banana Bread Muffins via Cooking Light
    (I made these this past weekend and they got eaten up soooo fast!)



Modern Farmhouse Kitchen 

With the wedding projects winding down (only 3 weeks away!) I have to say, my thoughts are turning to my next big project. I think I must get this from my dad- he's not so great at sitting still and is always happiest when he has a project (or 3) in the works. What might this new little undertaking be? Well, 1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... house hunting! (Did you think I was going to say "a baby carriage?", um, not so much...) We have been looking casually, chatting about what we have to have and can live without in our new little nest. But after the wedding, we hope to actually buy in the next year or so. And I have to say, the kitchen can really make or break a potential home. I am dreaming of a warm bright kitchen, with dark woods, white walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, lots of chrome and pops of red (like my fave Big Red.) I love the look of a modern cozy vintage farmhouse (I said modern, not a bunch of roosters and hay...)
I am obsessed with these kitchens: 

Images via DecorPad

And here are some pics for my gorgeous new imaginary kitchen...Enjoy!




I'm Not Gonna Write You a Love Song...

But I might buy you some love letter sheets.
Soft sateen imprinted with romantic verses? Yes please.
What a gorgeous way to ensure sweet dreams.

Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday!

Love Letter Sheet Set at Anthropologie


Big Red- In the House!

Yes, I'm a total dork.  I am sooooo excited I got to bring home "Big Red" (my new Red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer) this weekend. This baby was a wedding gift from my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tres and I spent the weekend mixing and baking away. I made whole wheat pizza crust (love that dough hook attachment!) We are gonna whip up a pizza this week and throw it on the grill- can't wait. Then I moved on to Paula's Chicken Salad. Ok, so I didn't use the mixer on this one, but its too yummy not to mention. Then it was back to Big Red for a batch of yummy Blueberry Walnut Bran Muffins. Yum-o. Love this recipe from cute little Cookie over at Workout then Cook. She seriously has 138 muffin recipes on her blog. 138! Thats crazy! I will definitely be trying her PB&J Muffins, Tomato Feta Muffins, & Lemon Poppyseed Muffins. Thanks for sharing so many great recipes Cookie. Check out her site for the yummy Blueberry Walnut Bran Muffins recipe and see below for Paula's Chicken Salad. (BTW, I'm not sure who Paula is, but my mom gave me this recipe and thats what its called...haha!)

Happy Tuesday Chickies!

Paula's Chicken Salad Recipe

  • 1 box of Rice-a-Roni, chicken flavor, cooked according to package and cooled
  • 1 rotisserie chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 green pepper, diced
  • 1 jar marinated artichoke hearts
  • 1 cup fat free mayonnaise
  1. Cook the Rice a Roni according to package directions & allow to cool.
  2. In a large bowl, combine cooled Rice-a-Roni and remaining ingredients (including oil in artichokes.)  
    Stir until well combined. Serve alone or on cibatta bread for a yummy sammy!

Calvin is super excited about Big Red...


Mirror Mirror...Finally on My Wall

Good Tuesday morning lovely readers! Thank you for being patient during my little absence- I haven't been in a blogging mood since we lost my Papa. I am back today and feeling a bit better, so I thought I'd share my newest purchase with you guys. I have been coveting a peacock (or honeycomb) mirror ever since I saw Liz Lange's entryway featured in Domino Magazine a few years ago. I was so excited to come across this beauty at Wisteria, but, unfortunately, a $2400 Mirror is just ridiculous to me. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw an affordable version at Pier 1. As soon as we got some wedding loot, I knew this baby would be mine. Luckily, I waited long enough for it to go on sale and snagged it last week for $150! It now hangs proudly over our mantle (pic coming soon...)

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!!

Honeycomb Mirror via Pier 1 (on Sale for $149.99)

Liz Lange's Entryway via Domino Mag (So in love...)

Peacock Mirror at Wisteria ($2300! Yikes!)

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