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Catalog Living: A Lesson in Hilarity

Good Monday Morning lovelies,

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was CRAZY! Only 2 months till the wedding people, and I have to say, I was a little stressed out over the weekend. Maybe it was the 8 hours spent putting together wedding invitations to mail? Ugh. I guess that's what I get for being a picky-pants, Type-A designer.

Anywho, I also checked our registry this weekend, and spent some time clicking around Pottery Barn & Crate and Barrel. Love these sites! But I will never look at them quite the same way since my friend Laine (hi Lainie!!! Miss you!!) turned me on to the Catalog Living Blog. Um, holy hilarity! If you are having a rough day and need some good old fashioned yuppie comedy, head on over and check out their commentary on the ridiculousness that is Home Catalog Staging. Seriously- how many apples does one need on their coffee table? And why so many fans Pottery Barn? This site makes me cry with laughter every time. Here are some of my fave posts...Join me, won't you?


"Gary’s eyesight has gotten so bad he can’t even read an atlas with binoculars anymore."

"Gary, I just can’t believe that after months of research that’s the chair you chose."

"Leaving my basket of secondary shells under the table allows me to rotate in new shells at a moment’s notice!"

"Elaine wasn’t about to let some hot flashes get in the way of balancing the checkbook with the abacus."

"Elaine should have known better than to interrupt Gary during “apple time.”

(Images and Captions from Catalog Living)


(Grilled) Peaches for me

Good morning lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend- we did. We finally bought a grill! YAY! Now our foodie obsessions can journey outside for the summer. I'm picturing us with yummy margaritas in hand, hanging out on the patio doing some grilling. Last night we made grilled, stuffed portobello mushrooms, couscous, sweet potatoes and for dessert-grilled peaches! They were amazing! I saw Bobby Flay make them on Food Network a wile ago and have wanted to try them and I have to say, they did not disappoint. The grill really brings out the flavor, so you could get great results from even slightly under-ripe peaches. Check out the recipe below (super easy) and also some cute pics of Geoff and Calvin building the grill.
Happy Wednesday all!


Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream 


  • 2  tablespoons  light brown sugar
  • Spray Butter 
  • 4  fresh peaches
  • Light Vanilla Ice Cream


Cut peaches along the seam all the way around and twist halves off the pit. Spray cut sides with spray butter and sprinkle with brown sugar. Cook on grill 3 to 4 minutes each side. (make sure sugar is melted and fruit is tender.) Serve with light vanilla ice cream.


Now I know my ABC's...

Next time won't you sing with me?! Ok, maybe I'm a little old for the ABC song. I'm still totally obessed with type-and am toally loving all of the alphabet art I keep running across. Looks like I am going to run out of wall space...


1. Alphabet by Bookhou
2. ABC Love Print by Made by Girl
3. Letterpress Alphabet Poster by inkpetals on etsy
4. Robot Alphabot by boldandnoble on etsy
5. Red Initial Letterpress Print by YeeHaw on etsy


When the fiance's away, I will...decorate

Its Thursday, which means Geoff comes home tonight! Finally! I always hate it when he travels, but I always get a lot done when he's gone. Besides the Wedding Welcome Sign I posted yesterday, I have also been working on a cute little vignette for the dresser in our bedroom. The dresser had basically become a drop zone for all things: keys, change, receipts...basically just a bunch of crap that I got tired of looking at. So I got to thinking, if we had some actual decor up there, maybe we would be less inclined to make it messy. We'll see if it works! Check out the pics of my effort below- I tried to use things we already have around the house: my cute owl vase from Antique Alley, a stack of old books, some greenery I've had in my craft room for a while, one of our engagement photos, and a framed page from a Buddhist calendar. I'm so happy with how it came out. Have a lovely day all!



Weekend Wrap Up, Junk Finds, & Loving Patty

Good Monday morning all! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine was lovely-
it has been really rainy in Dallas, but that didn't keep me from running all over the place.
Patty Griffin at the House of Blues on Friday was aaaaaammmmaaaazing! She is so talented.

Then Saturday, after a big waffle breakfast, we ventured to Granview, Texas for
Antique Alley, 25 miles of antiques, garage sales and junk. Sweet! On our way down, we were
all making "wish lists" of things we wanted to find there. On my list was a working vintage fan for our guest/workout room and a ceramic owl. Random right? But I found them both!! I couldn't believe it! I got an awesome vintage fan-its a gorgeous turquoise color and it works perfectly. And I couldn't believe I found an owl pitcher. Ever since this post, I have been obsessed with anything owl. Laine found some a cool green glass piece, a beautiful blue jar, and a boho turquiose necklace!

Then Sunday morning was spent driving to 4 (yes, 4) Targets to find these shoes
(so glad I did-they are already all sold out online). It was so worth it- I adore them!
Check out pics of my finds below, along with the most delicious peach fried pie ever,
and the lovely Patty Griffin.

Have a lovely day!



The incomparable Patty Griffin.

Junk goodies as far as the eye could see...

Fresh peach fried pie- so not on the bride diet.
And so worth it!

This thing works! And was a steal for $25!

Cutest Owl Pitcher ever- for $10!

My new Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges!

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