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R is for Ruffles (not the delicious potato chip ones...)

Good Monday Morning all! I hope you had a lovely, romantic Valentines weekend. We did! Dallas even got a record FOOT of snow- so it was a snow day for me and G on Friday. We even ventured outside to make an Abominable Snow Westie (complete with Oreo Cookie eyes and nose.) He looks just like Calvin, right? Except that Cal is gross and sort of a yellowish shade, and Geoff says he smells like a Cheeto...anyway, I digress...

On to the ruffles! (Which, by the way, I can't seem to get enough of.) And lucky for me-they are everywhere. These sunny, yummy, girly numbers are the antidote to all the blucky weather we've been having. Spring-are you almost here?


Tutu Tank from Anthropologie

Colorblock Ruffle Romper at Arden B
Definitely need tyhis one for the honeymoon :)

Ruffled Shower Curtain from India Rose
If I didn't have to share my bathroom with a boy, I would already have this in fushcia...

Kensie Confetti Streaks Ruffle Bottom Dress from Piperlime

Waterfall Ruffle Curtain from Urban Outfitters

Ruffle Front Blouse from Victorias Secret

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