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Bright Ideas


Hello there pretties. Meet the two newest additions to my closet.  I headed to Nordi's looking for one dress for the wedding we will be attending in Key West next week and came home with two (this one and this one). I really couldn't decide between the two. I absolutley adore the bright fun prints! Don't you think the hubs should let me keep them both? Yeah, I think so too.


P.S. Happy Happy Happy Birthday (Dirty 30!) to my bestie Laine! We have been friends since 4th grade and she is such an important, wonderful part of my life. I hope your day is filled with awesome surprises and lots of treats. Love you little friend!


Closet Organization Extravaganza!

Sounds fancy right? Well good. Because it totally is. Another one of my goals for my
30 before 30 project was to get our closet super duper organized. I spent last weekend running to Ikea about a billion times (shoe shelves? check. scarf organizer? check. awesome baskets? double check.), throwing everything out of the closet and making husband try on (and get rid of) lots of stuff. I was basically a tornado. So, here are the before pics (almost too embarrassing to post) and the afters (organized oasis for fashion) as well as some helpful organizing tips. This has already made our lives so much simpler in the mornings. And I adore walking into our peaceful closet everyday.

Closet Organization Tips:

1. Bookshelves (we used the Ikea Billy Bookcase + the Height Extension Unit 
   + 3 extra shelves) can be modified to make great inexpensive shoe shelves- 
   just add extra shelves for more space. 
   Now we can see all our shoes!

2. Pretty baskets (Ikea Pjas) keep sweaters, bags, scarves and hats easily
    within reach, but look more orderly than just stacking everything on shelves.
    Plus, we don't have towers of folded sweaters constantly toppling over.

3. Add a rug to dress up your closet. This one is a vintage one of my grandmother's.
    It should be as beautiful, cozy & inviting as any other room.

4. Hooks keep all your necklaces and small handbags in plain site, and keep
    them from becoming a tangled mess.

5. I used a basket to hold all my flip flops so they don't get scattered all over
    the closet floor and so they don't take up valuable space on our lovely shoe shelves.

6. Matching hangers keep everything at the same height and look cleaner than a
    jumble of different ones. (I am going to invest in huggable ones, just haven't
    gotten around to it yet...) 

7. Keep boots upright and in good condition by rolling an old magazine and putting
    it in the boot shaft. Works like a charm. 

I would love to hear any good organizing tips or tricks you have. And please share your closets!



The Little Matchbook Girl

Good Monday morning sweet friends. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I'm a busy little bee this morning, so I will make it short and sweet. Current obsession: Matchbook, a gorgeous online publication dedicated to all the things that create a charmed life. Couldn't everyone use a monthly dose of loveliness? 

Check out some of my favorite pieces of the last few issues and read them all in full here.

Happy Monday!


One Pretty Thing: Birthday Wish Edition


Its not too early to start my 30th Birthday wish list right? Yeah, I didn't think so.
August will be here before I know it!


More info..you know, just in case...
West Avenue Jewelry Large Monogram Necklace, Gold Fill,
please enter initials in the exact order that you want them to appear (LKP)


Sorbet Summer


Sorbet Summer

click on the images for more info


Its already heating up thankyouJesus. So psyched for long summer days, farmer's market veggies, margaritas on a good patio and lots of fun trips with the hubs. And I am totally obsessed with sorbet colors for all my summer weekend wear. Can't wait to throw on that yummy lemon striped t-shirt, boyfriend shorts, natural sandals and top it all off with a cute fedora. Perfect Summer Uniform.

Also, if you don't have the new album by The Civil Wars or Adele's new "21",
They will be in my Jeep with the windows down alllllllll summer long...
That is all.