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Its Graphic Design Barbie


Ok, maybe not. Because... a.) Barbie is a stick figure and I enjoy carbs, and b.) My hair isn't THAT blonde... But it is much lighter-and I have bangs. Thanks to my current obsession with J. Lo, (...not American Idol...Not her music...Mostly just her hair) I popped into my stylist's chair Saturday morning with carmel-y colored highlights in mind. I am loving the change- a girl's gotta mix it up every once in a while.

Anything new in your world?



See Lauren Work (She's an Animal)


She's an Animal
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Good morning lovelies! Um, wow, Wednesday got here fast, huh? Yeah, I noticed that too. My days have been flying by!

You know how they say "ask and you shall receive?" Well, I've been praying for a new job and more design work for a while and boy, have my prayers been answered. This month I got a new full time job with a FANTASTIC design agency and took on 3 new freelance clients! Add that to keeping up with the housework, training for our half marathon at the end of the month, and trying to sneak in an occasional shower, and it all adds up to one nutty schedule for yours truly. I don't need to sleep right?

And, as a treat for all my hard work, I've decided that this new job (with a new desk) requires some super cute office supplies to sass the place up. I've been drawn to animal inspired officy goods lately and will definitley be adding some of these cuties to my new work home. (Especially the Birds on a Wire photo clips, Magnetic Desktop Birdie, & and Morris the Donkey Memo Pad...ok, seriously, who am I kidding, I want them all...)

I couldn't be more excited about all the new opportunites and can't wait to see what the future holds.



Dear Me: Oh, You Shouldn't Have!

Dear Self,
Today you got some really great news. You have been hired on some super exciting new freelance and consulting jobs. And you got an awesome new day job! As a reward, I bought you this stunning necklace you have been drooling over forever. Because sometimes a girl's gotta treat herself. (Don't tell husband...)



Dear Husband... (Our Week in Photos)

Dear Husband...

What an awesome week!

yummy devils food Valentine cupcakes • love notes hidden all over the house for you • getting dressed up and spending a Saturday night out at our fave place • romantic Valentine's dinner of lobster ravioli • gorgeous flowers you brought home for me • sweet jewelry treat from Auntie Sue (modeled by Calvin) • Saturday morning cinnamon rolls & coffee • a great run on our new favorite trail ( & my first running injury-Boo) • our first time to jump a car together (haha!) 

All my love.

PS: Thanks for my little shopping treat!
(loving my cute new shirtdress from LOFT and the dress I'm lusting after at Anthro...)


Grown Up Paper Dolls

Good morning lovelies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything fun/productive/odd?


Spent time with my wonderful parents who came to visit • Had an amazing dinner with them, the hubs, and family friends at Abacus (lobster shooters + truffle risotto + blood orange caramel creme brulee = happy tummy) • Continued our training with a weekend run (fave "Get me up this hill even though I feel like I'm going to hyperventilate" song? Emenim's 'Till I Collapse • Got a haircut (decided against the bangs...) • Napped and read most of Sunday cause it was cold and blucky outside • Made this for Sunday dinner- one of the hubs' favorites • Cleaned up multiple times after our poor Boo who wasn't feeling so good (TMI?) • Watched a marathon of The Tudors • Worked on a freelance Menu Design • Loving tagging on Pinterst and spending way too much time on Fonts in Use • Got the rough cut of our wedding video in the mail- and cried while we watched it.

And...I spent more time on the serious time suck, er, awesome and totally-productive-use-of-my-time site Polyvore. I can't get enough. The hubs calls it my "video game." He likes to play things where you shoot people, I like to play grown-up paper dolls. Sue me. Its just one more way for me to over-analyze my life. I love to make sets of what I've worn in a week. The purpose of this OCD weirdness? Well, a.) it keeps me from wearing the same pants everyday b.) I like looking back over my outfits and thinking of ways to remix items & c.) its strangely relaxing. Plus, I kind of feel like Cher in Clueless with her computerized wardrobe...

Here's what I wore to work the past 2 weeks. Join me in my madness won't you?

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