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Lauren loves...

Yep. I fell off the blogging wagon again. Dang. Been gone for a while- visiting with my parents, doing wedding stuff, hanging out with Geoff, and trying to stay out of the ridiculous amounts of girl scout cookies lurking in our freezer. Thin Mints are my Kryptonite. 

But I'm back now: Here are a few things on my radar... Enjoy!

• I can't seem to stop watching this. Like Thelma & Louise on speed with stilettos...
• Loving the Liberty of London line for Target. I got this dress
   (and think I need the matching bicycle, right?)
• Still trying to finish my design for our wedding invites.
   This site is chock full of amazing inspiration.
• Also totally addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone (Geoff too.)
   Thanks to my friend Lainie!
• Just finished Shanghai Girls. Beautiful & heartbreaking. 


Birthday Wishes, Printable Pretties & Endless Possibilities

Happy Friday! First off I would like to wish my super sweet almost-sister-in-law Nicole a Happy Birthday (well, sort of...she's a leap year baby, so I guess we just have to pretend this year!) We are headed to Austin today to spend the weekend with her and do a winery tour. Yay! Happy Birthday Nicole- Love you!! 
(Please don't kill me for putting this photo on my blog...) 

Do you heart Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, & Anna Griffin- with their perfect patterns and yards and yards of to-die-for fabric? Yeah, me too. Do I have boatloads of cash laying around to have my own fabric produced? No. Sad. Enter Inkbloom, a very cool website that has a library of designs you can download and a product called Loomtak that lets you print fabric & vinyl art on your inkjet printer. Print your own fabric! How cool is that?! The possibilities are endless. Of course, my thoughts turn to wedding applications (favor bags, custom napkins, wine labels...) but you could really use this for anything. Check out the project gallery here and get printing!



Jamaica Me Crazy

It is snowing here. Again. Seriously? Instead of getting all Debbie-Downer about it, I've decided to go on vacay in my brain. Whenever I am having a hard day at work or am wearing a damn turtleneck cause its so dang cold outside, I think about our upcoming honeymoon in Ocho Rios Jamaica! Nothing cheers me up faster than thinking about a solid week of sun & spa & adult beverages & my new hubby. Aaaaahhhhh...

Join me on my mental vacation, won't you?

Images via The Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios, Jamaica


I also can't stop listening to this song. So perfect for getting me in a Sunny Jamaican mood!
Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead



The Little Things...

Ellie Mae, the best cat in the world (who never feels guilty about naps and very rarely helps with the laundry...)

Every once in a while, I have a weekend where I am completely devoid of energy. I hate these! Even though I know I need to catch up on my rest, my brain still wants to go-go-go and I end up feeling guilty about taking a nap instead of running my errands or finishing the laundry. How silly of me! It is on these occasions that I need to give myself a break and remember how wonderful and special the little things are. Here are a few little things from this weekend (that are a much better use of my time than chores...)

Geoff and I going to get Einstein's Bros. bagels in our PJs (in the POURING rain.)

Date Night at Studio Movie Grill...Shutter Island (so good), wine and a big ol' cheeseburger-can't beat it.

Baking on a cold Sunday...Yummy Blueberry Bran Muffins & Chocolatey Brownies. 

Hope you are all having a happy Monday!


Makeover Time!

Welcome to my new blog! Everyone needs a makeover every once in a while, right? And this little blog is no exception. Which is why I cleaned up, redesigned, and even got my own domain name. Because I am a professional blogger! Ok, maybe not, but I love it and can't wait to share another year of all things pretty with you. So please, come on in and I hope you enjoy!


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