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Dear Husband...

Me: "so i'll make burgers for dinner?"

Husband: "meet me at whiskey cake."

Me: "best"

Love date night at our fave place.
Not as much as I love you.

- Wife


Sweater Weather (Affordable Faves)

Sweater Weather

Click on the image for more info and where to buy


Ok, did the chilly weather sneak up on anyone else? Yes, I am aware that the temps have been steadily dropping for a few weeks, but I woke up this morning, ready to put on a nice warm sweater and guess what? I don't have any. Ok, thats a little extreme. I have a few sweaters- but I really thought I was a little better prepared for the cold weather thats a-comin. But the nearly empty sweater drawer says otherwise...Oh well, guess I'll have to go shopping...

Here are some warm toppers at the top of my wishlist...(all under $100.)




The Art of the Bar Cart

Image 1 Cupcakes & Cashmere in Apartment Therapy  |  Images 2-4 via Society Social

Say that 5 times fast..."The art of the bar cart...the art of the...." Yikes. Can't do it. Maybe because while organizing everything for my home bar area, I partook in of some of the decor. Don't judge. Like you wouldn't do the same thing. 

These images have me inspired to put together a fancy little bar cart in our kitchen. I'm now on the hunt for a cute vintage piece (maybe something like this?) to serve as the cart.

I can't wait to make these, and these...oh, and these.



Weekend Wrap Up...A little Austin

Good rainy morning loves! Its damp and cloudy here in the big D today- the perfect day to throw on my faux furry vest, grab a big cup of coffee and head into the office. Would I rather be under the covers in my big warm bed? Ok, maybe a little...

So here are a few snaps of our fun weekend in Austin celebrating my brother-in-law Andy's birthday. The sis-in-law and I did a little shopping (and got matching "K" rings-for our last name), got our nails done, and the 4 of us had some yumminess at La Condesa- one of my Austin Faves. If you ever make it there have some of the Mexican Street corn-its seriously the best.

Hope your Tuesday is off to a lovely start...


P.S. The last pic is a great example why I have the best hubs ever. I have a little cold and was feeling not so great yesterday and he shows up at home with Nyquil and my absolute favorite treat ever- Haagen Dazs Raspberry Sorbet. Love that man.


Dear Husband...

Dear Husband...

This week you were sick. And snurfy. And your nose was really red and crusty.
And you snored - a lot. (This isn't sounding much like a love letter yet...but wait for it...)
And yet still I wanted to kiss your face and cuddle you. And get you medicine and scratch your back. And let you sleep in while I fed the dog. Cause, even when you
are sick, you are the cutest thing ever.


P.S. Please don't kill me for posting these pics I took of you while you were knocked out on Nyquil. I was bored and didn't have anyone to play with..