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Dear Husband...

 I am thankful everyday for the amazing man I married. The man who makes me giggle all the time, who gives me big bear hugs when I need them the most, who always does the dishes, who tells me all will be well, who takes me on amazing date nights, who is endlessly supportive & sweet, who shares ice cream with me in our PJs, who takes care of me when I don't feel well & who rolls over to cuddle me in the middle of the night and plays footsie with me under the covers...

Dear Husband...

I thank God every single day for you.



One Sweater, 3 Ways: Polka Dot Edition

One Sweater, 3 Ways


Good afternoon wonderful readers! If you hang out on Pinterest (like I do...obsessively) you might have seen this cute little top floating around. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE. So much so, that I am heading out to pick this little baby up today. What can I say? Its versitile, seasonless, POLKA DOTTED & super affordable. Hello, no brainer. Check out 3 different ways I plan to sport my new treat.
Happy Thursday!




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Happy New Year lovelies! I hope yours was safe and joyous!

We all know all the clichés that go along with New Year's resolutions. You resolve to lose weight, be cleaner, save the whales, whatever, but fall off the wagon a month in...yada yada yada...

Sometimes I complete mine, sometimes I don't, but I still LOVE making them. There's something so very refreshing and magical about starting a whole new year- so full of possibility. Its like a perfect clean slate you get to make as wonderful as possible.
So, without further ado, in 2012 I resolve to:

1. Lose 20 pounds. 

2. Run my second half marathon (March 25th) We even joined a running club!

3. Clean out my closet. Be brutal.
    Purchase classic quality pieces, not impulse crazy things...

4. Pay off debt. Be more financially responsible. 

5. Be the best wife, daughter, friend and colleague as possible.

6. Not be so damn hard on myself.

Let's do this 2012.




Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I was having so much Holiday fun I forgot to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Hope yours was wonderful and filled with love, family, and lots of yummy treats.



Dopplegangers (1st Anniversary Gift)

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Its been a while since we celebrated our first wedding anniversary (it was back in September...) but I wanted to share the gift I gave the Hubs. The traditional gift for the 1st Anniversary is paper, so I was psyched to find these custom paper sculptures. (Actually, my sis-in-law found them on etsy and got one made for her hubs, and I totally stole her idea.) The lovely women at Indigo Twin do such beautiful work and can truly do anything you ask- I sent her pics of us, our dog and kitty and specifics like heights, hair and eye color, what we should be wearing and holding-a golf club for G and an Anthropologie shopping bag for me. Geoff loved them! Its such a fun little keepsake to celebrate our first yeart of wedded bliss. Head over to Indigo Twin on etsy and check them out. They also have a ton of cute Christmas ornaments and unique gifts.

Happy Monday all!