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Entries from October 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010


Young House Love & Budget Floor Mirrors

Happy Wednesday the 13th! Today Geoff and I are celebrating 3 happy years together (and 18 days of wedded bliss!) The dust hasn't even settled on the wedding yet (pictures coming soon!), but being the type-A crazy pants that I am, of course we are already starting on another huge life event- buying our first house. We spent hours online hunting last night and hopefully will get to meet with our realtor this weekend. And leave it to me to already start mentally revamping a house we don't even own yet. I find myself spending a ton of time on house design blogs- I am especially enamored with Young House Love. Cutie-pies Sherry and John run this delightful blog thats chock-full of gorgeous, genius, affordable home design ideas and renovation projects. My fave recent post is about this cute couple and their awesomely affordable home makeover. I am totally going to steal their floor mirrors made out of old doors and weathered wood palettes idea (see photos below!) Check out Young House Love for all sorts of home ideas goodies (and be sure to visit their Projects Section for how-to's on anything you can imagine- I have a feeling this is going to come in very handy soon!)


Images via Young house Love


3 Things: Falling for Fall

Good Tuesday morning lovlies! Its been hinting at Fall (finally!) here in Dallas and I couldn't be more excited. Visions of school supplies, yummy baked goods, leather boots, and cuddling in front of the fire bob around in my head- I can't wait! Here are three things that are helping me celebrate Fall's arrival-a gorgoeus supple leather bag, cozy sweater knit throw, and delicious peanut butter banana bread muffins.

1. Sepia Saddlebag via Anthro
    (Could this bag be more gorgeous? The supple leather will just get better
    with age-definitely wishlisted.)

2. Chunky Ribbed Throw via Pottery Barn
    (Got this with some of our wedding gift cards & I am in love-its literally a
     huge sweater to wrap up in on the couch!)

3. Peanut Butter Banana Bread Muffins via Cooking Light
    (I made these this past weekend and they got eaten up soooo fast!)



30 before 30...

Good morning pretties! Well, I am now a couple of months into my 29th year, and have finally figured out my 30 before 30 list. Inspired by lists I have seen around and Nicole over at Making it Lovely, I decided it might be fun to have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year. For those who don't know me, I have a history of being a bit type-A and hard on myself, so I wanted to make these things fun and doable, so they become accomplishments, not things that add stress. Ok, so its not like I'm curing a horrible disease or climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro (ahem, Mom & Dad), but there's nothing wrong with having silly goals that make you happy, right? Right.
And away we go...


1. Get Married {9.25.10}
2. Start my Freelance Business. {DONE! As of March 2011, I have 5 new clients and counting...}
3. Work out at least 3 times a week on a regular basis. {Done!...And continuing...}
4. Get a new sewing machine and take a refresher class.
5. Donate Blood. (I've always been too scared...) {Done! 6.2.11}
6. Design an awesome wedding album.
7. Find a new job that I LOVE. {Done! Started at OnMessage in April and LOVE IT!}
8. Go on a picnic with Geoff (with our new picnic set from my parents!)
9. Make a photo book of 2010 (do this every year...)
10. Visit the Dalls Aquarium and Ft Worth Zoo.
11. Take a cooking class with the Hubs.
12. Plant a small garden or some herbs and NOT KILL IT.
13. Redesign my portfolio. {12.21.10}
14. Grow my blog (Get 200 followers). {Done! 3.11.11-Thanks to my first Giveaway!}
15. Start an outfit of the day section on my blog. {11.08.10)
16. Learn how to use all the settings on our digital camera (so I can take OOTD photos).
      UPDATE: Got a NEW CAMERA! Taking a class to learn all about it... {1.21.11)
17. Make the perfect margarita. {11.12.10}
18. Keep the house neater.
      {Done! Making the bed & daily pick-ups=neater house.}
19. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner. (Would love to do a cat eye.)
20. Cook perfect Pad Thai.
      (got this one from Making it Lovely & an episode of Good Eats
      we watched the other day...)
21. Sew something I can wear. (See #3)
22. Clean out and organize our closet. {5.7.11}
23. Lose 10 pounds.
24. Organize all my recipes into the cute little recipe box my mom gave me.
25. Spend a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, then cook something
      yummy with my finds. {4.31.11}
26. Host a dinner party.
27. Get rid of my allergies {1.2011} 
28. Run a 5K. Actually we are now training for a Half Marathon! {DONE. Did our first Half Marathon 3.27}
29. Go on a girls weekend trip. {NOLA 5.13-15.11}
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday in a big way!

Wish me luck!


Now a Mrs.

I'm home from my wedding and gorgeous honeymoon! I'm sorry for the long blog absence and promise to be back in full force by Monday. I can't wait to share more photos of all the wedding goodies and good times with you all. Here's a sneak peek from Julie Cope- one of our 2 AMAZING, GENIUS Photographers. 
I'm happy to be back in the blog world- now as a Mrs!


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