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Entries from March 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010


Honeymoon Must-Haves

I am such a kid- one little hint of warm weather and I am in full-on summer mode. I love summer: cocktails on a patio, swimming pools, maxi dresses and windows rolled down. But the best part of summer's imminent arrival is that I get to go to Jamaica! On my Honeymoon! Sweet. And of course I've already started mentally shopping and packing...

Here are some of the must haves on my Honeymoon shopping list.
(Now I've just got to get that lady's crazy-hot bod to go with my bikini....)


Yummy treats left to right:
Weekend Bag here.
Aviator Sunnies here
Drop Waist Sundress here.
Anthro Ming Garden Top here.  
Hot-Ass Bikini here.
Sexy Drop Earrings here
Jaunty Fedora here.
Beaded Sandals here


If you like it then you shoulda put some paint on it...

Yes, I'm dorky. And yes I love Beyonce. Shoot me. Anyway, lame title aside, I think its the perfect way to introduce my newest DIY inspiration. I love hunting for vintage pieces and furniture that have great lines and structure, but happen to be coated with some sort of hideous varnish or ugly paint. Usually, you get them for a steal, and you get the joy of turning these little treasures into something you truly love. My newest blogger obsession does just that-and I am convinced she could turn a ball of rubber bands, old socks and some spray paint into something cool. Meet Michelle from Three Men & a Lady (thank you to Made by Girl for the introduction.) She really is a genius.

BTW, it is Michelle's fault that I am now obsessed with finding a ceramic owl to paint white.
How stinkin cute is this?! 

I love that she took thrift store candle sticks and plates and mixed and matched to make adorable cake plates. Wouldn't these be precious for a wedding dessert buffet?!

I love the bold yellow she chose for the dresser, and how she transformed a Wal-Mart Table into a gorgeous entryway table.

My fave project (besides the white owl) has to be the awesome sunburst mirror. She took an affordable find from Home Goods that was a little small and increased the circumference using skewers and some glue, then painted it silver to match her decor: brilliant!

Check out more DIY projects and her house tour on her blog here.


One Top, 3 Ways

Happy Thursday all! As you know, I am a working girl (no, not that kind-get your mind of of the gutter.) A working girl who likes to shop! And, because I went to art school and not med school, I have a limited budget to devote to clothes. I pride myself in being a smart shopper- I love hunting down deals online and planning lots of different ways to wear my pieces to get maximum mileage. And like most women I know, I need my clothes to go from the office, to errands, and out to dinner, so I rarely buy something that isn't versatile enough for all these needs. Enter a new little feature on my blog: One Piece, 3 ways. Now I have visual justification for all my purchases- right Geoff?! Right!

Starting things off is a top I have been lusting over at Anthropologie.
Check out how versatile the Tutu Top is! Definitely a must-buy.


Work Ruffles: The blazer offsets the girly ruffles, and a clean cropped pant shows off some serious shoes. Also love the pops of turquoise with an overall neutral outfit and the braided details in the belt and heels.
Details here

Daytime Ruffles: So cute for running errands or going to brunch (my favorite meal-I am a fan of any meal requires you drink champagne.)  Skinny jeans and adorable flats are comfortable, just add some exotic touches with a zebra cardi and owl ring. And a big structured tote will hold everything you need for the day.
Details here

Evening Ruffles: A high waisted pencil skirt gives the girlish blouse some sex appeal. Add some seriously hot stilettos (see below) and a studded belt to toughen up the look. Pops of orange in the earrings and clutch add a playful twist.
Details here

You might have noticed the fab nude suede shoes in the "Evening Ruffles" set, and now these lovelies are all mine! Yeah, these are a result of a super crappy Monday at work. And no, I can't walk in them, but walking is way overrated anyway...

Victoria Pumps in Blush here.

(BTW, I can just see my sis-in-law and future mother-in-law rolling their eyes- they are always getting on to me about my impractical footwear choices.) 



Immortalizing our little monsters

Lots of my friends have started having babies. EEK!! I guess we are in that stage of life now, but I am so not prepared for parenthood (is anyone with me?!) Right now, I am content with our two fur babies, Calvin & Ellie Mae. They are totally our children. And its totally normal to take family photos with your pets right? Right. What about having them immortalized on canvas? Again, I think this is totally normal (and I think everyone else who is pet-obsessed would totally agree.)

Enter Ken Bailey. How cute are these paintings? I love the old fashioned appeal and clean lines, and the best part is that he will customize a painting with your pets image and name. This is a great (and modern) way to immortalize your little monsters in paint. Visit Ken's site for more cute samples and all the details...




Lauren loves...

Yep. I fell off the blogging wagon again. Dang. Been gone for a while- visiting with my parents, doing wedding stuff, hanging out with Geoff, and trying to stay out of the ridiculous amounts of girl scout cookies lurking in our freezer. Thin Mints are my Kryptonite. 

But I'm back now: Here are a few things on my radar... Enjoy!

• I can't seem to stop watching this. Like Thelma & Louise on speed with stilettos...
• Loving the Liberty of London line for Target. I got this dress
   (and think I need the matching bicycle, right?)
• Still trying to finish my design for our wedding invites.
   This site is chock full of amazing inspiration.
• Also totally addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone (Geoff too.)
   Thanks to my friend Lainie!
• Just finished Shanghai Girls. Beautiful & heartbreaking.