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Entries from March 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010


Postpone the wedding!

Ok, maybe not. (There's no way I could wait any longer to marry G.)
My prayers have been answered-just not in time for my wedding.
Anthropologie is introducing a wedding brand!!!!

From InStyle.com:
"Wedding bells are ringing for Anthropologie! The brand’s parent company, Urban Outfitters Inc., announced that it will launch a bridal collection featuring heirloom wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and gifts designed with Anthropologie’s distinctively ethereal, feminine feel. The still-unnamed bridal concept launches in Spring 2011 as a Web site, through which brides-to-be can schedule local fittings, before branching into stores. “We have found that many brides-to-be are inspired by our aesthetic,” Anthropologie co-president Wendy B. McDevitt said in a statement. “We will unveil a brand that addresses this very special moment in her life with a goal of exceeding her expectations.” Wedding gowns will retail from $750 to $5000, with occasion and bridesmaid dresses starting at $200."

Yay for the brides who get to shop Anthro for their weddings!



It IS easy being green!

So far, I have to say I have not been an indecisive bride. I chose the first venue I looked at, and have had a very clear image of the look and feel of our wedding from the get-go. The one thing I keep waffling on is my shoes. I ordered these super cute green ballet flats a while back because we are having an outdoor ceremony on grass and I didn't want my heels to sink in. But I am a high heels girl at heart. And don't you want to wear the most fabulous, perfect shoes on your wedding day? The answer is HELL YES. And now that I've found these, I can sport some stilettos without them becoming a grassy mess. 4" Green lovelies, come to mama!

Perfect shoes via Nina.
You can build your own! Check it out here


Lobsters as Fashion Statement?

Um, I think not. Having said that, I adore Lady Gaga and think everything she does is fab. But this little concotion on her head reminds me of our westie Calvin's Halloween costume. I'm just sayin...

 Image via Yahoo

So obviously, this is not our westie, but its the same costume. So dang cute.
Image via here.


What the?


No, this is not some disgusting super-zoomed-in science-y diagram of mucus. Not even close. This is what I did at work on Friday. Confused? I don't blame you. Its actually a super-cool image made from a program called Mouse Path (or IOGraph). Just download it (here), and as long as you have it open, it will track the movement of your mouse to make a gorgeous Pollack-esque illustration. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes me look like I've been super productive all day. Love that.


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