If you like it then you shoulda put some paint on it...
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Yes, I'm dorky. And yes I love Beyonce. Shoot me. Anyway, lame title aside, I think its the perfect way to introduce my newest DIY inspiration. I love hunting for vintage pieces and furniture that have great lines and structure, but happen to be coated with some sort of hideous varnish or ugly paint. Usually, you get them for a steal, and you get the joy of turning these little treasures into something you truly love. My newest blogger obsession does just that-and I am convinced she could turn a ball of rubber bands, old socks and some spray paint into something cool. Meet Michelle from Three Men & a Lady (thank you to Made by Girl for the introduction.) She really is a genius.

BTW, it is Michelle's fault that I am now obsessed with finding a ceramic owl to paint white.
How stinkin cute is this?! 

I love that she took thrift store candle sticks and plates and mixed and matched to make adorable cake plates. Wouldn't these be precious for a wedding dessert buffet?!

I love the bold yellow she chose for the dresser, and how she transformed a Wal-Mart Table into a gorgeous entryway table.

My fave project (besides the white owl) has to be the awesome sunburst mirror. She took an affordable find from Home Goods that was a little small and increased the circumference using skewers and some glue, then painted it silver to match her decor: brilliant!

Check out more DIY projects and her house tour on her blog here.

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