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Crazy Cat Lady

Yep- I am one. I'm loving Zara's cute kitty-printed dress. It's a little more subtle than the ladies that wear puff-painted cat sweatshirts, right? Right. And to really drive home the crazy cat lady point, here are some pics of my baby Ellie Mae. Happy Monday all!



Fashion Fix Friday

Its Friday!!! Yay! I can't wait to spend this weekend with my honey going to the movies and
a friends wedding (and sneaking in some crafting, baking & wedding planning.)
I love Fridays- the promise of a whole relaxing productive weekend stretches ahead!

Ok, enough waxing poetic, on to the fashion goodies. I was checking my fave blogs last night and stopped by Love Maegan... I adore this blog! Maegan is so cute, always has the best outfit ideas and DIY fashion tips, and has AWESOME hair how-to videos. Seriously. Check her out here- she's a daily read for me.

So, yesterday for Earth Day, she featured these amazingly gorgeous pieces from Mika Organic. I literally gasped when I saw them. How original & beautiful. The cuts of the garments are so simple and clean. And yet, I have never seen anything like them. Not only are they beautiful, the line is earth friendly: made from organic and sustainably made materials and plant dyed. How divine! Thank you Maegan for the heads up! And visit Mika Organic to see the full drool-worthy collection.

Have a great weekend!


I am dying for the butterfly top and the bird's nest dress!
All images from Mika Organic


My little contribution

Happy Earth Day! Man, this day has been hyped up all over the place, and rightfully so-going green has never been more important. But, I figure you are getting your composting and recycling information elsewhere (I'm not exactly CNN over here...) so I will contribute to earth day by doing what I do best: shopping. One thing I do to go green, as well as support independant artists, is shopping on etsy for all my gift giving needs. Not only is this place chock-full of goodies you can't find anywhere else, it is not mass produced, and many items are made from found or recycled materials- green indeed. Please have a look at some lust-worthy Etsy picks for your Earth Day enjoyment.

Oh, and don't forget to recycle.


1. Five Sparrows Print by Gennine on Etsy
2. Love Birds Print by Gennine on Etsy
3. Don Matias Print by Gennine on Etsy
4. Peacock Print by Gennine on Etsy

5. Handmade Commuter Bags by CalviRee on Etsy
6. Creamsicle Handmade Tote by CalviRee on Etsy (Must have beach bag for the honeymoon!!!)

7. Sunshine Antique Silverware Garden Marker by MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy
8. True Love Antique Silverware Garden Marker by MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy
9. Antique Silverware Garden Marker by
MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy

10. Orange Silhouette Portrait by HappyThought on Etsy
11. Silhouette Double Portrait by HappyThought on Etsy
These are so sweet for a Mother's Day gift!

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