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My little contribution

Happy Earth Day! Man, this day has been hyped up all over the place, and rightfully so-going green has never been more important. But, I figure you are getting your composting and recycling information elsewhere (I'm not exactly CNN over here...) so I will contribute to earth day by doing what I do best: shopping. One thing I do to go green, as well as support independant artists, is shopping on etsy for all my gift giving needs. Not only is this place chock-full of goodies you can't find anywhere else, it is not mass produced, and many items are made from found or recycled materials- green indeed. Please have a look at some lust-worthy Etsy picks for your Earth Day enjoyment.

Oh, and don't forget to recycle.


1. Five Sparrows Print by Gennine on Etsy
2. Love Birds Print by Gennine on Etsy
3. Don Matias Print by Gennine on Etsy
4. Peacock Print by Gennine on Etsy

5. Handmade Commuter Bags by CalviRee on Etsy
6. Creamsicle Handmade Tote by CalviRee on Etsy (Must have beach bag for the honeymoon!!!)

7. Sunshine Antique Silverware Garden Marker by MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy
8. True Love Antique Silverware Garden Marker by MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy
9. Antique Silverware Garden Marker by
MonkeysAlwaysLook on Etsy

10. Orange Silhouette Portrait by HappyThought on Etsy
11. Silhouette Double Portrait by HappyThought on Etsy
These are so sweet for a Mother's Day gift!


One Top, 3 Ways

Happy Thursday all! As you know, I am a working girl (no, not that kind-get your mind of of the gutter.) A working girl who likes to shop! And, because I went to art school and not med school, I have a limited budget to devote to clothes. I pride myself in being a smart shopper- I love hunting down deals online and planning lots of different ways to wear my pieces to get maximum mileage. And like most women I know, I need my clothes to go from the office, to errands, and out to dinner, so I rarely buy something that isn't versatile enough for all these needs. Enter a new little feature on my blog: One Piece, 3 ways. Now I have visual justification for all my purchases- right Geoff?! Right!

Starting things off is a top I have been lusting over at Anthropologie.
Check out how versatile the Tutu Top is! Definitely a must-buy.


Work Ruffles: The blazer offsets the girly ruffles, and a clean cropped pant shows off some serious shoes. Also love the pops of turquoise with an overall neutral outfit and the braided details in the belt and heels.
Details here

Daytime Ruffles: So cute for running errands or going to brunch (my favorite meal-I am a fan of any meal requires you drink champagne.)  Skinny jeans and adorable flats are comfortable, just add some exotic touches with a zebra cardi and owl ring. And a big structured tote will hold everything you need for the day.
Details here

Evening Ruffles: A high waisted pencil skirt gives the girlish blouse some sex appeal. Add some seriously hot stilettos (see below) and a studded belt to toughen up the look. Pops of orange in the earrings and clutch add a playful twist.
Details here

You might have noticed the fab nude suede shoes in the "Evening Ruffles" set, and now these lovelies are all mine! Yeah, these are a result of a super crappy Monday at work. And no, I can't walk in them, but walking is way overrated anyway...

Victoria Pumps in Blush here.

(BTW, I can just see my sis-in-law and future mother-in-law rolling their eyes- they are always getting on to me about my impractical footwear choices.) 



Mirror, Mirror...

Oh. My. God. I have been looking for this mirror since I saw it in Liz Lange's entryway (designed by Jonathan Adler) in Domino about a million years ago. Now if I only had $2,200 laying around....

Peacock Mirror from Wisteria.

Liz Lange's Entry designed by the one and only Jonathan Adler (image from Domino.)


These are a few of my favorite things....

Good morning all,
I am so excited to write my first post! Dorky, I know. But, I finally decided that, since I read them rather obsessively, it might be nice to have my very own blog. So here we go....
A little about me...I am a graphic designer in Austin and work for a fabulous furniture company.
I love being crafty, decorating, painting, sewing, the list goes on and on. Basically anything that involves making something, I am so there. So please enjoy photos a few of my favorite things:
My family and friends, my sweet boyfriend Geoff, his grumpy dog Calvin, my kitty Ellie Mae, anything from Anthropologie, SHOES, making jewelry, fonts, and being a crafty chic.
Happy Wednesday!

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