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Gallery Girl

So, now that I have a fab camera, and have all of our wedding photos back (on top of all the prints and screen printed posters I've picked up at Flatstock over the years) we have a surplus of wall art. Which is never a problem for me-I love each piece we have and would have a really hard time editing. So now I am on the hunt for a clever way to display all the art and photographs I love- without it looking like a big sloppy mess. Here are some of my fave solutions from Decorpad.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend!


All images via Decorpad


New Portfolio Site, Yo

Hey kids! Welcome to Tuesday-and the first official day of Winter! So why is it 80 degrees in DFW today? Seriously. (Thank goodness its a short week. And we get to eat pie soon. Lots of pie. And see our family. And play games. Man, I love Christmas!) The thought of an impending holiday is enough to get me through the rest of the week. We spent a long weekend with Geoff's parents in town- running around, eating a ton and doing some shopping. The hubs' mom can do some serious shopping! She is hardcore. Love it.

Also, I would like to introduce you guys to my new portfolio website. My day job is as an Art Director for a small design firm in Dallas, and I finally reached my goal of building a site dedicated to my design work.
Please pop by and take a peek if you would like. I am also working on my Etsy invitation shop and hope to have that puppy open in the spring. Lots going on here!

And, OK, I was hoping you wouldn't notice, but I am still finishing the 30 for 30 remix challenge. I am almost done! Sooo Close.... ( I will have the final 4 posted soon!)



Font Crushing & Wrapped Up (30 for 30 Day 7) 

Happy Monday loves! How are you all? I am so excited about all my new followers and readers- thank you guys so very much for visiting the blog. It truly makes my day to see and hear from you all.

So, I have been so crazy lately! I have been working like mad at my job, redesigning my portfolio (check it out here), doing some freelance design, and blogging my little heart out. But honestly, I can't get enough. Enough blogging, enough designing, enough scoping out great graphic and interior design, enough fonts to fall in love with- My mind is consumed with thinking about these things. And I consider myself truly lucky that I spend my days doing things that I so love. Speaking of love, check out my current shopping addiction: fonts. There are so many I want right now (does my shopping ban extend to fonts? Not sure.) Anyway, take a look at some offerings from one of my favorite type houses, Sudtipos. I am obsessed with Buffet Script, Burgues Script, & Kewl Script. Anyone have $300 laying around to buy me these pretties?

And here's what I wore today for Day 7. LOVE this wrap top from Anthro-its like a blanket you can wear to work. How's the 30 for 30 going ladies? I'm loving it but really hope I don't run out of ideas by week three!