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Entries from November 1, 2010 - November 30, 2010


Some roots and a bow (30 for 30 Day 10)

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! Today is my Friday cause I have tomorrow off. Thank goodness, cause I am sick again. Dang. At least its not strep throat this time- just a little cold. But, being the good little remixer I am, I slapped on some Vicks, downed some Dayquil and put on my Day 10 Outfit. I call this one "Whatever" cause it was pretty much everything that was hung together, and the red belt was on top of the pile. I rolled my jeans a la' J. Crew catalog and I was out the door. We're a third of the way there folks- here's where it starts to get tough.

Oh, aren't my roots pretty? I tried to cover part of them with a big ol' girly bow...



Grateful (30 for 30 Day 9)

Today I am grateful for:

Morning yoga.
A morning phone call with my mom.
Goulash cooking in the Crock Pot with crusty bread and a big salad for dinner tonight.
Getting my haircut tonight. (LOVE the scalp massage that goes with washing.)
Homemade Banana Muffins for breakfast.
The hubs serenading me with 80's hair band songs while we got ready (don't ask.)
Getting to see my bestie Lanie and her hubs Dustin this weekend!

I am so truly blessed.

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. Here is my Day 9 Remix outfit. I am pretty pleased with this one. The Bianka Blouse form Anthroplogie is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. And I love it with the pops of green and turquoise. I just threw this belt on on a whim and really like it with the rust color of the blouse. 



Epic Fail (30 for 30 Day 8)

Hello all! I have to say, today has been an odd day. My friend Natalie and I decided we'd head to an early morning spinning class and then shower and get ready at the gym and head to work from there. Easy peasy, right? Not so much. Spin class was great, but then we headed to the locker room, where I discovered I forgot a towel (but had gotten sweaty as a pig in class, so I HAD to shower.) Fast forward to me standing in the shower trying to air dry and then finally borrowing Natalie's towel. Then I couldn't get my hair dry in time and we had to race to work with half wet hair and no makeup. Thank goodness Natalie knows how to French braid or I wouldn't have had a prayer of looking halfway normal. Getting ready at the gym=epic fail.
Maybe we'll try again Thursday. If I have another braid, you'll know why.


P.S. Here's Day 8 in the 30 for 30 Challenge! WOOT!



Font Crushing & Wrapped Up (30 for 30 Day 7) 

Happy Monday loves! How are you all? I am so excited about all my new followers and readers- thank you guys so very much for visiting the blog. It truly makes my day to see and hear from you all.

So, I have been so crazy lately! I have been working like mad at my job, redesigning my portfolio (check it out here), doing some freelance design, and blogging my little heart out. But honestly, I can't get enough. Enough blogging, enough designing, enough scoping out great graphic and interior design, enough fonts to fall in love with- My mind is consumed with thinking about these things. And I consider myself truly lucky that I spend my days doing things that I so love. Speaking of love, check out my current shopping addiction: fonts. There are so many I want right now (does my shopping ban extend to fonts? Not sure.) Anyway, take a look at some offerings from one of my favorite type houses, Sudtipos. I am obsessed with Buffet Script, Burgues Script, & Kewl Script. Anyone have $300 laying around to buy me these pretties?

And here's what I wore today for Day 7. LOVE this wrap top from Anthro-its like a blanket you can wear to work. How's the 30 for 30 going ladies? I'm loving it but really hope I don't run out of ideas by week three!



The Perfect Margarita (& 30 for 30 Day 6)

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday. I certainly am! I got to have brunch this afternoon with the hubs, my bestie Suz, one of my favorite people in the world and her cute sister, brother-in-law and their beautiful baby Brooke- we had an awesome time! We went to The Common Table in Uptown Dallas- very cool place. The brunch was yummy, the place is adorable and the played lots of the Smiths, so we were happy campers. If you live in Dallas, be sure to give this place a go.

And we spent last night at a friends house for couples game night playing Farkle, In a Pickle, and Battle of the Sexes. LOVE game nights.

The hubs and I also had an awesome Friday Night Date Night at home- we made tons of Mexican food, had a True Blood marathon, and I got to mark another thing off my 30 before 30 list. (BTW, I am noticing there are a lot of things involving "30" going on with me right now. Just sayin.) We checked off #17- Make the perfect Margarita. We've been working on the simple margarita for a bit and finally got it mastered. Here's the secret Kreiling family recipe:

Kreiling Simple Margarita:
1 3/4 oz. Tequila
1 3/4 oz. Sparkling Water
3/4 Tsp Agave Nectar Syrup
1 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
Splash of OJ

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice.
Rim Margarita Glasses in salt and serve. Yummo.

Oh, and check out my 30 for 30 Outfit Day 6 (Yeah, I'm totally repeating this shirt again. )

Thats my weekend in a nutshell- how was yours?



My beautiful friend Susie- and our delicious brunch.